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Look Out For Most Luxury Backpack Brands

September 30, 2020
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Whether you’re a student, commuter, or frequent traveler, a high-quality and functional backpack is a wise investment. But, with so many options available, finding the right one can be a tough choice. Fortunately, there a host of brands available that can be relied upon every time you need a great bag. Creating designs that are high-quality, practical, and seriously stylish, these top backpack brands provide function and fashion in one easy-to-carry package.

What is Luxury Backpack?

Before you can have a discussion about the best luxury brands, you have to define luxury. The Oxford Dictionary defines luxury as “a high standard of living and expensive tastes.” As far as the luxury backpack is concerned, this term can be defined as a stylish backpack which is functional, comfortable, and durable. Furthermore, they are more often than not, will be purchased as a luxury product as opposed to a necessity.

However, it’s important to mention that functionality is at the forefront of any backpack, as you want to get as much as you can out of the item. As far as luxury goes, you should expect to not skimp on any of the elements. You should also be prepared to shell out extra cash, as premium brands will come with a premium price tag. Nevertheless, the best luxury backpack brands will have you looking good and carrying practical items without sacrificing either.

Benefits of Luxury Backpack Brands?

So, what is it that makes luxury backpacks so great? After all, everyone needs a backpack, right? Well, while that may be true, if you’re in the market for a luxury backpack, it’s important to consider what you’re looking for and what you expect to get out of your backpack.

It all boils down to the number of features and benefits available. There are a range of benefits to consider before making a purchase. Listed below are some of the most noteworthy benefits of owning a luxury backpack, including better heat insulation, better airflow, and better portability.

Wider Wheels

If you’re looking for the most comfortable backpack, this is a feature you want to consider. Luxury backpacks will come with a wider wheel base. This helps to absorb bumps and jolts, making the backpack a lot easier to use. With a wider wheel base, you should expect a smoother ride as well as a better likelihood of the backpack staying upright, even when you’re not on it. This is a great benefit for anyone who has had to walk with a backpack that falls over and thus, makes it difficult to get where you need to go.

Better Heat Insulation

Another great feature of a luxury backpack is a dedicated heat insulation layer. This is a layer which, once activated, helps you to regulate your body temperature while on the move. When used in conjunction with comfortable padding, the result is a backpack which helps you to feel more comfortable while on the road. The great news is that this type of insulation is surprisingly affordable, meaning that you should have no trouble finding the right luxury backpack for your needs.

Better Portability

Last but not least, you should look at the zipper track and adjustability of the backpack. Luxury backpacks should offer three ways of tightening straps and a range of compartments, meaning that you aren’t limited in what you can carry. In fact, the better zippers and longer straps will help you to carry more and make your backpack both more comfortable and less stressful.

Wear the latest fashion with a name brand designer backpack that compliments your style and cute outfit. Find the best trending, and popular designer backpacks for men and women designed in the best colors, mini to small sizes, cute styles, and material such as nylon and leather. Be ready for a night out on town, or a day at school or in the office with a stylish fashion backpack in which you can carry your most important items comfortably, instead of stuffing them into a small purse. Wear your fashion backpack with extreme confidence, as designer backpacks are built with the best quality and most sought after material. Stylish backpacks come designed in leather, and can also be used conveniently as a backpack purse. Women’s designer backpacks are a great way to incorporate your personal style into your every day carry bag. Women’s designer backpacks are a must have accessory for today’s on trend fashion women who want to look chic in a fashion backpack purse, and want to choose from the best quality, and top trending stylish brands. When choosing a women’s designer backpack, it is important to know that there are two types of designer backpacks for women. The most popular and first type of designer backpacks are made out of fine Italian leather, and are designed both as a backpack, and as a purse. Having the option of switching from a backpack to purse gives a woman flexibility when commuting home from work, or out on the town to a party or outing with friends. Women can keep secure items like their cell phones, wallets, and keys in safe place, while still looking chic and trendy. Women’s designer backpacks for women are also a great way to be confident when commuting with a purse, minus the heavy weight or bulky look that can come with a purse. Women designer backpacks are made with a lightweight yet durable nylon material, that can withstand the bumps and jolts that come with everyday life. Women’s designer backpacks are a great choice for a versatile women’s everyday carry bag that is also very fashion forward. Women’s designer backpacks come complete with a surprising array of convenient storage pockets. Women designer backpacks also offer a laptop sleeve to store your laptop, or tablet for easy use. Women’s designer bags also offer multiple interior and exterior pockets for better organization of the many things you bring with you, including your wallet, cell phone, and keys. Women’s designer backpacks also have a designated spot for your phone, ear buds, magazine or book. Luxury backpacks for women are also an ideal gift for your girlfriend, wife, or girl friend. Choose your favorite brand from backpacks for women in a variety of cute styles, trendy colors, and sizes available.

The key to enjoying the benefits of using a luxury backpack is to choose a model that is suited to your own personal needs. Finding the best luxury backpack brand will give you a great degree of flexibility, so that you can have a great looking and high-quality bag that is a pleasure to use.

Valletta Backpack & Wristlet

This product was recommended by Phuong Mai from P.MAI

At P.MAI, we believe that looking polished shouldn’t come at the expense of comfort. That’s why we’ve designed a solution that combines the luxury of a handbag with the functionality of a backpack. Our bags are made with sophisticated utility for life on the go.

Black Explorer Backpack

This product was recommended by Philip Weiss from PhilipWeiss

The Balenciaga Explorer Luxury Backpack combines hip and urban-style with European craftsmanship to create the perfect luxury backpack. The company was founded in Spain by Cristobal Balenciaga and has raving reviews from world-renowned designs such as Christian Dior. The brand is known for its unconventional style, mixing street culture with luxury by using designs that feature graffiti on their high-quality 100% lambskin backpack.

Mara&Meru™ Full Leather 3-in-1 Safari Pannier Bag

This product was recommended by Claire Fraser from The Safari Store

This is a limited edition bag – and each is printed with a number, making it a leather backpack for any luxury collector. It is a bag you can wear three ways for travel, but also on your daily commute – convertible using the detachable shoulder strap, backpack straps, and small pannier straps.

Front Pocket Leather Backpack

This product was recommended by Dave Munson from Saddleback Leather Co.

I am the founder and CEO of Saddleback Leather Co. The backpacks I design and we manufacture ourselves sell in the $400 to $600 range, but if we wholesaled to stores, they would sell them for $800 to $1200 range. I guess that would be considered luxury. But not strands of pearls and fur coat luxury. These are the most durable leather backpacks that we know of. There’s a reason our slogan is They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.

Osprey Archeon 25

This product was recommended by Victoria Philpott from VickyFlipFlopTravels

This travel backpack is awesome for weekend hikes. It’s just the right size to encourage you not to take too much and is well weighted so you can easily walk with it. The fold down top means you can fit lots in, and it’s safely in there and waterproofed if it should rain. I love the little pockets on the front to keep essentials, and a water bottle, and the design is really comfortable on your back. Inside there’s a laptop space so it’s actually great for weekly living too. I have the red one and use it for everything!


This product was recommended by Tim Bigknee from SightsAndInsights

Whether you’re looking for a backpack for men or women, Givenchy has got you covered. With high quality and edgy designs, you can look classy wherever you go. A wide variety of bags to choose from means that you can find the luxury backpack of your dreams.

Shanghai Leather Backpack

This product was recommended by Janelle Marie from FindTheCureInNature

Tuscany Leather is an up and coming brand that has a number of very stylish backpack options at very good prices. Quality is superb (it’s really from Italy) and despite the sleek lines, these are functional backpacks. The Shanghai is our personal favorite because it packs so much into a seriously stylish design

Tumi Men’s Alpha Bravo Tyndall Utility Backpack

This product was recommended by William Chin from Pickfu

Tyndall utility backpack which has fantastic back-support, multiple pockets for cards, pens, IPad, Laptop and much more. It fit’s snuggly to my back and does not become misshapen if empty. The quality and finish is also typical of Tumi, a strong dark nylon (or leather) material, that is fairly resistant to the elements (especially rain). Here are three things that surprised me about all Tumi Bags: Tumi Tracer: Essentially, it allows you to track back any bag that was lost / stolen and has been reported by an individual. Custom Monogrammed Initials: They also allow you to add your monogram into the bag, which makes the product all the more unique. Warranty: They offer Worry Free for your first year of ownership which includes damages, malfunctions and wear and tear. They will also cover shipping and transit costs to replace or repair it. Afterwards, for up to five years after purchase, they cover damage do to wear and tear, structural defects and / or defective materials.

Coach X Michael B. Jordan Backpack

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from AutoInsuranceEZ

Coach has consistently designed and manufactured quality leather-goods for decades. Coach backpacks stand out because of their craftsmanship, user comfort, and organizational options. They’re designed for tech users and many include a laptop pocket as well as phone and small electronics pocket.

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