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Journey in Style: An In-depth Horizn Luggage Review

June 24, 2023
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Key takeaways:

  • Horizn Studios offers sustainable, German-engineered luggage designed for both durability and style.
  • The company’s H7 suitcase combines spaciousness, convenience, and environmental consciousness.
  • Users need to consider protective measures for the polycarbonate shell due to potential wear and tear during travel.
  • While the luggage lacks compartments and expandability, its minimalist design and ample space cater to different packing styles.
  • The brand embodies a balance between environmental responsibility and high-quality travel gear.

Horizn Studios: A Pioneering Travel Brand

Horizn Studios has been turning heads in the travel gear industry since its launch in 2015. As Europe’s first direct-to-consumer travel brand, the company has crafted a reputation for its German-engineered luggage, backpacks, and travel bags. The innovative brand makes a significant leap towards sustainable production with its Circle One line – a fully plant-based, biodegradable luxury luggage collection designed to never see a landfill. With Horizn Studios, you’re not just investing in durable luggage; you’re making an eco-friendly choice for a healthier planet.

The Horizn Studios H7 Suitcase: Your Travel Essential

In the lineup of Horizn Studios’ offerings, the H7 suitcase stands out as the flagship model. It boasts a 90-litre capacity and weighs a manageable 4.7 kg, making it the ideal companion for your extended or shared travels.

The suitcase, clad in a range of eye-catching colours, is built with a premium polycarbonate shell, partially recycled and 100% vegan. It’s a hard case model manufactured in a 99% waste-free process, making it as eco-conscious as it is durable. Moreover, the H7’s design includes four 360° Japanese spinner wheels for swift navigation through busy airports or city streets. This suitcase is your key to effortless, stylish, and sustainable travel.

Our Hands-on Horizn Luggage Review: The H7 Experience

After a seven-night trip with the H7, our appreciation for this suitcase has deepened. Despite its large capacity, it is compact enough to stow away under a hotel bed once emptied. The four-spinner wheel system makes it a breeze to manoeuvre, even when it’s packed to the brim.

One point to note is the susceptibility of the polycarbonate shell to wear and tear during rough handling. Our initial journey saw the suitcase endure some severe luggage handling, resulting in minor surface scratches. Despite this, the H7 proved to be resilient. However, we recommend considering additional protective measures for the shell for those keen on maintaining its pristine condition.

An Open Canvas: The H7’s Interior Design

The H7 suitcase opens up like two halves of an egg into two identical but separate compartments with flexible mesh screens that zip closed. A notable aspect of the H7 is its lack of compartments, pockets, dividers, or pouches inside either half. This open-space design allows you to personalize your packing approach, without the constraints of preset partitions.

On the other hand, those who prefer separate areas for different items might find this design a tad too minimalist. For this group, we recommend using packing cubes or smaller bags to organize the suitcase’s interior to your liking.

Additionally, the suitcase lacks an expandable zipper for extra packing space. Despite its absence, the generous 90-litre capacity of the H7 should accommodate most travel needs comfortably.

Sleek, Minimalist, and Robust: The H7’s Exterior Design

On the outside, the H7 suitcase exudes a minimalist, high-end aesthetic. With no exterior zippers, pockets, or added fluff, it’s a sleek, stylish piece of luggage that stands out in any crowd. Its solid handle enables easy rolling through airports and city streets, adding to the overall user-friendly experience.

In Conclusion: Horizn Luggage Review

Our in-depth review of Horizn Studios’ H7 suitcase reveals a compelling balance between sustainability, durability, and style. The company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices, coupled with German engineering, results in luggage that’s both high-quality and planet-friendly. Despite minor shortcomings like susceptibility to surface scratches and lack of interior compartments, the H7’s spacious design, maneuverability, and stylish appearance make it an excellent choice for sustainable travel. This Horizn luggage review just goes to show that eco-consciousness and luxurious travel gear are not mutually exclusive.

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