Jacksonville Beach Digital Marketing Pioneers: Spotlight on Levi Keswick

February 7, 2024
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In Jacksonville Beach, Florida, the digital marketplace is abuzz with innovative companies, creating pathways to reach audiences in new, more efficient ways. This thriving hub of digital marketing businesses provides companies from various industries with the tools they need to create a compelling online presence. The competitive landscape of the digital marketing industry in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, has given rise to several key players, each with their unique strategies and specializations.

These companies offer a variety of services from SEO to web design, and from social media management to content creation, and they span multiple sectors including advertising, graphic design, web development, fitness, healthcare, and more. Here are some of the leading companies that stand out in Jacksonville Beach’s vibrant digital marketing scene.

WASHINGTON, 04 Jan. 2022 — More specific information about each company has been provided, such as company name, location, industry, website, social links and a brief description.

Split Reef

Split Reef operates in the fields of Advertising, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Software, and Web Design. Here you can find them on @Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

4 Elements Agency

This company was founded by Brey Lewis and Ted Kokkinos. They specialize in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Marketing, SEO, Social Media, and Web Design. Check them out on @Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Soud Marketing

Soud Marketing is an advertising and digital marketing company, offering services such as pay-per-click, social media, programmatic display, and retargeting. They provide services for industries including healthcare, finance, fitness and lifestyle, insurance, retail, real estate, and hospitality. For more details, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Live for a Living

Live for a Living was founded by Christian Griffith. This company operates in the fields of Communities, Digital Marketing, Fitness, Health Care, and Social Media. They believe in achieving greater life fulfillment when we follow our passions. Let’s connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Kaival Marketing Services

Kaival Marketing Services specialize in Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Web Development. They are available on @Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Ambidustrious is known for its expert level consulting, digital marketing, graphic design, and web development services. They are engaged in branding logo, voice, visual story, guidelines, and more. To learn more, follow them on their @Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles.

BoldFish Digital

Making waves in the Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Web Design fields is BoldFish Digital. They work closely with clients to develop an effective digital marketing strategy. Find them on @Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, each of these Jacksonville Beach-based digital marketing firms offer unique perspectives and strategies for their clients. With a booming digital marketing scene, businesses far and wide can surely find the perfect match for their marketing needs in this Florida city. Stay tuned for our next installment in this series as we continue to highlight the top digital marketing companies across varied US cities.

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