How To Reduce Your Jeep's Road Noise

How To Reduce Your Jeep’s Road Noise

February 3, 2021
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Jeeps are widely admired for their many admirable qualities. From their impressive off-roading capabilities to their iconic aesthetics, there are many attributes to love. One thing that many Jeep owners aren’t too crazy about, however, is the amount of road noise the vehicles experience while driving. It’s true that Jeep’s aren’t the quietest vehicles on the road. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy a bit more peace and quiet in your favorite vehicle, check out these tips on how to reduce your jeep’s road noise.

Opt for a One-Piece Hardtop

If your goal is to block out road noise, a one-piece Jeep hardtop is the best possible option. Soft tops, which are made from fabric, simply do not offer the same sound-dampening qualities of an insulated metal top.

While two or three-piece hardtops are better at blocking out noise than soft tops, the seams between the different pieces allow for more wind and road noise to come through. As such, a single-piece hardtop is the most advantageous option from a noise-reduction standpoint.

Invest in a Sound Deadening Headliner Kit

While switching to a single-piece hardtop will help block out sound, you may still hear a bit of road noise. To enhance the sound deadening qualities of your Jeep’s hardtop, consider investing in a headliner kit. A headliner kit includes insulating mats that will sound deaden your Jeep’s hardtop, and they are incredibly easy to install. All you have to do is remove your roof, stick the mats on it, and you’re good to go.

Because one-piece Jeep hardtops are heavy and difficult to safely remove, we suggest using a hardtop hoist. Implementing a specialized removal tool will allow you to safely and easily remove your hardtop so you can quickly install the headliners and enjoy a quieter ride.

Install Floor Insulation

A significant amount of road noise that Jeeps incur comes in through the cabin floor. As such, another effective tip on how to reduce your Jeep’s road noise is to insulate the floor of your ride. Adding custom sheets of sound insulation around the cabin floor will help block out sound as well as regulate the temperature of your Jeep. While installing floor insulation can be a bit of a hassle—as you’ll have to remove your seats, take out the upholstery, install the insulation, and then put everything back into place—doing so is well worth it if you’re seeking to significantly reduce road noise.

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