How To Personalize Your Home’s Front Entrance

How To Personalize Your Home’s Front Entrance

May 23, 2023
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Is the front of your home looking a little bare? Maybe everywhere else looks great, but the front hallway is nothing to brag about. As soon as people walk through the door, you want them to feel excited to see the rest of the home. Give them a taste of your style and personalize your home’s front entrance to help build that suspense.

Let There Be Light

Darkness is not your ally, especially at the front entrance of your house. Your space isn’t the set of a horror film—you need some light. People shouldn’t be scared to enter your home. As you remedy a dark entrance, note that light placement is important.

Don’t think you can solve the problem with just one lamp. The front entrance might be the worst place you can place a lamp, after all. Consider having some lighting installed above with a simple switch along the wall. The type of lighting you choose is important because it needs to work with the theme of the overall home. Try not to be too overstated, and make sure the lighting is warm and not harsh.

Say It With a Rug

Sometimes a rug says it all. It’s a simple piece, but it makes a powerful statement. There are some things you need to look for in a rug for the front entrance. You don’t want to purchase something that doesn’t work with the house or a rug that brings with it more problems than solutions.

Take some time to really think about your rug choice. Your ability to maintain the condition of the rug is equally important as its design. Anything that looks dingy or overused could send the wrong message. Plus, you need to make sure it fits in the space.

Offer a Seat

Think about how people put on their shoes. Nine times out of ten, they need to hold themselves on a wall to get one foot in and then the other. Be a gracious host and save your walls from handprints by offering visitors a place to sit.

Place a cute little bench right by the front entrance so they can sit to put on and take off their shoes. Plus, it sends the message that you always have them in mind. The bench also signals people to place their shoes neatly in the front.

Don’t Overcrowd

Less is more. That’s always the golden rule when it comes to the front entrance. Don’t overcrowd the space. If you choose to go with a rug and a bench, those are the only things you need in the front hallway.

Too many decorations or items make the space feel congested and messy. Tuck the shoes away in a shoe cabinet so that they’re not an eyesore in the foyer. If you want to have a small table or a key hook, that can work too. Just make sure the space gives off a minimalist, approachable feel.

A home is a special place to the residents, and personalizing the front entrance is just the first step to making the entire home reflect your character.

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