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How to Improve Your House so That it Helps You Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

February 26, 2022
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If you are trying to make progress and acquire some new lifestyle habits to improve your overall well-being, think of your environment and how it affects you. We all think of our homes as safe shelters where we spent our most precious and most nourished moments, but we never think of it in terms of how it might be deflecting us from actually making the progress we want. Do not worry as a simple makeover and several simple improvements can make your home help you achieve a much better and healthier lifestyle.

Indoor pull-up bar

One simple hack and trick to stay healthy and in great shape is getting an indoor pull-up bar which can easily be installed and put just over your bedroom door or office room. The presence of a workout item has shown to increase motivation and people feel more willing to get themselves to work out and try to make progress. Pull-ups are one of the four essential exercises actually hitting several different yet connected muscle groups, therefore, making it one of the most effective ones to stay in shape and stay fit as well. When it comes to pull-up bars, they are easily attached and every package comes with a set of instructions. It is naturally important to have a little reminder around like a notepad just reminding you to do a few of them and maybe later you’ll feel more motivated to do a couple more.

Water cleaning filters

Water, H20, is an elementary and fundamental liquid we humans cannot live without. An interesting thing about water is the many health benefits. Water is related to reducing weight, fat, and sugar concentration in your blood. Water is often associated with better skin health and better feeling. Water is proven to be one of the most effective body cleansers, meaning it efficiently reduces the number of toxins in your body and is great for the liver and kidneys. However, most tap water supplies are heavy with pollutants and little contaminants making the water not safe for everyday use over a longer period of time. Unfortunately, bottled water leaves a big environmental footprint on the surroundings and therefore is not a long-term solution. One way to solve the problem is installing water filtration systems in the house. This can drastically reduce the number of pollutants in the water, clear it from chlorophyll and other chemical compounds within the water, and it can affect the taste of the water. Water filtration systems are an initial investment but essentially they are a long-term solution, as it is safe for the environment and furthermore it also can be applied to the bathroom as well. A little-known fact is, water can worsen certain skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis and eczema, as it has all these heavy compounds in it. A filtered water system can be applied and reduce the harm the water can do on your skin when showering.

Air purifiers to make it safer

Unfortunately, we live in an age where the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has never been higher, due to the environmental damage we do because of heavy industries. Most of the air we breathe in is never completely clean and we did adapt as most people just live like that and do not think about it twice. However, there have been numerous studies supporting the idea that fresh air changes the overall health and wellbeing of the average person. Think about it, oxygen is being distributed to every cell in our body, therefore the quality of the air can easily manifest itself on our health. There have been several connections, supported and backed up by studies, on how air quality can even enhance or decrease the chances of getting lung cancer and other respiratory-related cancers. Air purifiers regulate the humidity and the quality of the air within the close space of your home. Make sure to breathe in fresh and clean air once you cross the threshold and can enjoy every second of it, after a long day of staying outside exposed to the hazards of the surroundings. Most air purifiers now come at cheaper prices and still offer quality.

More natural light and windows

For the windows, it might be too late, as you cannot make holes in the walls for the sake of letting light in, however, what you can do is push away those curtains and make sure there is more than enough sun in the house. A little improvement are roof windows, they are easy to install and look great especially if you turn the attic into a meditation room. Sunlight has proven to reduce stress levels and even depression as the natural hormones triggered by the sun’s rays improve your mental state and well-being. Make sure to always keep those curtains out of the sun’s way and think of replacing those old white light balls with some natural eco-friendly ones, imitating the sun’s color and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

These are just some of the tips and tricks on how to improve your home and make it a safe place and temple to relax and enjoy.

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