Homeowner Tips for Improving Your Shower Space

Homeowner Tips for Improving Your Shower Space

January 27, 2023
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Are you considering upgrading your bathroom space to feel more sophisticated? Instead of doing a complete bathroom renovation, consider focusing solely on the shower area to improve the aesthetics. Here are some homeowner tips for enhancing your shower area.

Consider the Materials

High-quality materials translate to increased luxuriousness, especially when you’re redesigning your shower space. Investing in brass fixtures, a claw-foot porcelain bathtub, silver-gray marble wall tiles, and rain shower faucets makes the bathroom visually appealing. It also increases your home’s value. Consider the materials you want to invest in. Their upfront costs can feel intimidating, but their return value will give you peace of mind if you sell your home in the future.

Shower-Tub Combo: Yes or No?

Are you someone who loves lounging in the bathtub with bubbles and candles, or do you prefer the ability to get in and out of the shower easily? Well, why not both? A shower-tub combo is a space-saving option for a shower and bath appreciator and adds value to your home.

You can also make stylistic upgrades to make your shower-tub combo aesthetically pleasing. Installing high-end fixtures, adding stylish walls, and having a walk-in model can give it a modern, sleek look with a low curb entry.

Add On Shower Seating

Another homeowner tip for improving your shower space is to add comfortable seating. It’s beneficial for aging family members or those with mobility issues, but it’s always nice to have a seat and enjoy your relaxation. Moreover, shower seating can provide additional shelving for your hygienic products.

Ensure that you have your shower seating installed correctly to prevent safety hazards. Otherwise, enjoy relaxing as you sit in your shower, soaking up the warm steam and water.

Improve the Shower Head

You can quickly improve your shower area by simply switching out the shower head. There are many showerhead styles, including handheld, full shower systems, and fixed showerheads. Full showerhead systems offer a perfectly relaxing experience in either fixed or flexible showerhead options. Moreover, you’ll have the necessary knobs, temperature setters, and handles for the exact shower experience you desire.

Handheld showerheads are multipurpose, practical options with sturdy docking stations affixed to the wall. But since you can take them out of these docks, they increase your usage range. Otherwise, a fixed shower head allows for minor angle adjustments and comes in various colors, materials, and finishes.

Making minor adjustments to your bathroom shower area can make a considerable difference, especially regarding aesthetics and practicality. It’s a worthwhile project that benefits your home and refreshes your space.

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