Highlighting Amsterdam’s Pioneering Dutch Arts Industry: A Levi Keswick Feature

January 30, 2024
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Amsterdam, known for its artistic heritage and elaborate canal system, has been steadily setting herself up as a global innovation hub over the years. Being the capital city of The Netherlands, it also hosts the headquarters of numerous art industry-related companies. This article introduces ten such companies, focusing on their unique presence in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, energy management, and much more.

In the heart of Amsterdam, these companies unfold a panorama of next-gen technologies and innovative solutions, set to redefine the future of business operations worldwide. Delving into their state-of-the-art developments, it is clear that the city is evolving into a hi-tech ecosystem that fosters tech-driven startups and multinationals.

As we take a tour inside these companies, let’s understand what binds them to Amsterdam besides the striking cityscape, and how they leverage the city’s friendly business climate, world-class infrastructure, and unparalleled connectivity to spur technological advancements.


Founded by Ben Goertzel, Cassio Pennachin, and Simone Giacomelli, SingularityNET operates in the realm of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning. Hailed as a decentralized marketplace for AI algorithms, it is unique for its ability to allow AIs to cooperate and coordinate at scale. Its services open doors for anyone to buy and sell AI at scale, revolutionizing the way machine learning integrates with businesses.


Amberscript, founded in 2017 by Peter-Paul de Leeuw, Thomas Dieste, and Timo Behrens, offers cutting-edge SaaS solutions. Its unique technology enables automatic transformation of audio and video into text and subtitles using speech recognition. Utilizing user-generated data to train speech recognition engines in European languages, the company brings the transcribed text to 100% accuracy through their online text editor and human transcribers.


Sympower was founded by Simon Bushell, who envisioned a net-zero future. It unlocks revenue streams and stabilizes grids by maximizing the value of flexibility across energy markets and industries. It tempers the power of systems, machines, and processes when the grid is out of balance using advanced non-intrusive software solutions.


Under the leadership of founders Frister Haveman and Nicola Ebmeyer, Gain.pro offers a robust platform for anyone who wants to find, understand, and track sizable companies. Its mission renders a significant boost to the global financial services and fintech sector.


Wonderflow, founded by Giovanni Gaglione, Michele Ruini, and Riccardo Osti, is an AI-based platform enabling B2C companies to integrate customer feedback into their decision-making process. Through its unified VoC analytics, companies can analyse vast streams of customer data, including online reviews, support center records, and NPS.


Sentinels, an AI-powered transaction monitoring startup, was started by Joost van Houten. It offers a stellar solution to fintech companies for data-driven compliance in the financial industry and helps crack down on money laundering and other illicit activities.


Founded by Austin Simms, Bart Nollen, Eva Gladek, and Vincent Hoogduijn, Dayrize.com is a unique online marketplace for sustainable products aiming to bring consumption within Planetary Boundaries.


Lalaland, founded by Harold Smeeman, Michael Musandu, and Ugnius Rimsa, generates artificial full-body fashion models for e-commerce brands, enabling consumers to visualize how products would look on their bodies.


Connecterra was founded by Saad Ansari and Yasir Khokhar with a vision to build an AI that can sustainably grow food for future generations. It uses machine learning to turn raw data into insightful efficiencies for the benefit of people, companies, and natural habitats.


Founded by Aakash Ravi, Mario Kamburov, Max Verteletskyi, and Ondrej Plevka, Spaceti was named the top prop-tech startup in the world by MIPIM for its singular SaaS platform that safely and efficiently manages spaces from individual offices to entire campuses.


Under the leadership of founders Jeroen van Duffelen, Mark-Jan Harte, Aidence develops intelligent software for the lung cancer pathway. Their product, Veye Lung Nodules, is an AI solution for pulmonary nodule management on CTs, and currently finds applications in routine practice and lung cancer screening programs across Europe.

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