Helpful Tips On Choosing Luxury Bathroom Mirrors For Your Bathroom Area

September 9, 2020
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From illuminated mirrors to mirrors with heated demisters, there’s many different types of bathroom mirrors to choose from. So, just how do you go about selecting a mirror that will enhance the design of your bathroom and suit your requirements? Our bathroom mirror buying guide covers all you need to know about this essential accessory, so you can choose the perfect one.

What kind of design do you need for your bathroom?

The type of design found on bathroom mirrors varies from plain to patterned to plain. One of the most basic types of mirror is the plain, flat-surfaced mirror. This sort is often very inexpensive, but it can be really effective when used with tiles or a minimalist design. It’s also easier to clean than a patterned surface, so it’s ideal if you’ve young children or pets around.

A more expensive option is a mirror with a pattern engraved into the surface. This intricate design can be found on both flat and curved mirrors and can suit any kind of style. Engraved patterns can be found in neutral colours, such as copper and gold, as well as brighter tones, such as red, blue and yellow.

Another decorative type of mirror is one that has a stand. These can be made of wood or metal and come in a variety of designs, such as angular or floral. It’s also possible to buy mirrors that are covered in framed tiles. This type of mirror is often very simple and can double up as a splashback.

You can find most types of bathroom mirrors online, as well as in large retailers, such as John Lewis and Homebase.

What size do you need?

It’s vital to choose a mirror that matches the size of the space it’s going to be fitted in. You can find mirrors that fit any shape and size of bathroom and the bathroom mirrors they fit in will be engraved with the size.

For example, a rectangular mirror has to fit into a rectangular space. Before you start shopping, make sure you measure up your bathroom to get a measure of the size of mirror you need.

It’s also possible to find mirrors that have a rim that’s several inches wider than the rest of the mirror. This adds extra depth to the bathroom and allows for a larger showpiece mirror.

It’s also possible to find mirrors that are mounted on a wall bracket, instead of being attached by screws. These brackets have to be attached to a stud when fixed, but they’re more convenient as they can be removed easily.

What’s included?

Most mirrored bathroom mirrors will include some basic design, such as a rim and a stand. This goes for small mirrors that are contained in a decorative metal stand. There are some bathroom mirrors on the market that have heating features too. When heated, the mirror will reduce condensation and ensure your bathroom remains dry.

There are smaller mirrors that don’t include a rim. These are not only cheaper, but also have increased privacy. They’re ideal if you simply need a mirror to check your makeup and hair before you leave the house. You can also find mirrors, like the Bespoke Pine Mirror from Indigo, that have additional storage space.

Make sure you check what’s included in the mirror you’re looking to buy. It’s also a good idea to compare the prices of mirrors with different features, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to your purchase.

Depending on the type of mirror you choose, you may have to get the stand separately or you might find it included in the price.

What’s your budget?

The price of bathroom mirrors varies depending on what they’re made from, what they look like and the features they have.

For example, if your mirror is made from wood, then you should expect it to be pricey, as wood is expensive to create. However, mirrors with panels of wood on the frame are relatively cheap. Mirrors made from metal or plastic are generally less expensive, although mirrors made from plastic can look quite cheap.

You can also expect mirrors to be very expensive, due to the cost of the materials used to create them. A good example of this is mirrors with panels or metal frames.

Small, plain mirrors are the cheapest on the market. These are often made of glass and there’s no decorative stand or frame.

Having a budget means you can avoid spending too much and means you’ll be able to research mirrors that fit into that budget.

Consider the design of your bathroom

Design your bathroom around the mirror you plan to buy, to make sure it fits nicely into the room. Make sure the mirror you buy provides a focal point. You should also consider the layout of the mirror in relation to the rest of the bathroom. It should be perfect in size, so it doesn’t look too big or too small for the space you’ve created.

Think about what the mirror will be used for and whether you need extra features such as storage or heating.

You should also make sure the design fits in with the rest of your bathroom. A curved design will suit a curved counter. A rounded mirror will fit in with other gentle curves and decorative items. The design should also reflect your sense of style, whether it’s classic, vintage or modern.

When you’ve found a mirror that you like the look of, it’s a good idea to compare it to the décor and furnishings in your bathroom. Make sure it fits in. It’s also a good idea to sit in the bathroom with the mirror and see how you look in it to make sure you like the reflection. The last thing you want with a mirror is to see a reflection that makes you highly uncomfortable.

A bathroom mirror is an essential item, as it lets you see yourself clearly. This is the reason you dream of having an enormous bathroom mirror in your bathroom. It would make it evident in details while you are sitting in your bath. Don’t worry, we are not suggesting being in bath at all time, it is not possible for most of the time.

You dream of a huge bathroom mirror that will show the detailing of you, without any worry that you will not see clearly. It is also why you feel like not going anywhere without you checking if you are looking good and properly groomed. For instance, you want to have your hairstyle right, and your cheeks clean. So we are going to discuss some of the tips that will help you in choosing the right bathroom mirror that can make you feel confident.

Considering the size of the mirror

It is a given that choosing the right bathroom mirror is easy once you have the square footage for the mirror. In addition to this, you need to consider the size of the mirror as well. It is essential to have a mirror that is in reasonable size, and that it can fit in the wall matching the size of the room. If you have a huge bathroom, and you are planning to choose a huge mirror for the wall, it will prove to be an eyesore rather than a decoration.

You also need to keep in mind the size of the mirror for the purpose you are using it for. It is not that each time you want to look at yourself and do self grooming you will use it in your tub. It is okay to have a large mirror if you have a huge tub, and you can use it for the purpose of grooming. Otherwise, a small mirror on the wall will do fine.

Considering the shape of the mirror

You need a balanced shape of mirror that makes you look good, and not give your bathroom an odd look. Oval shaped mirrors help you look good in aspect of your body. If you want to make your bathroom classy, then you can choose a mirror shaped as a rectangle.

Choosing the type of material for the mirror

There are many materials that you can go for when it comes to bathroom mirrors. The size of the mirror should be the main deciding factor for the material. It is not recommended to have a huge bathroom mirror made out of glass. It will shatter when the chip breaks inside, and the weight may fall down on the person in the tub.

You can have a wooden bathroom mirror with a beautiful finish, and it can make the bathroom look amazing. The wooden texture will reflect the texture of the wood in the bathroom, and this will definitely add up to the look of the bathroom.

You can have a mirror made out of metal if you like the look of the metal in the room. It is not recommended to have a bright shiny mirror in the bathroom, and it is more likely to give you a kind of a western look. The metallic mirror will reflect the look of the bathroom, and you will not feel uncomfortable in it.

Choosing the best spot for the mirror

You need to consider the spot of the mirror in the bathroom. It can either be on the wall hanging on a hook, or it can be on the wall with the wall mounted on a bracket. The size of the bathroom plays a major role, and the style of the bathroom also matters when making the decision of where to place the mirror.

You can choose the space in the right corner of the bathroom in a metal frame that has a mirror on the wall. The best location for you is to have a small one and it can be portable and moved from a place to another. Have a huge mirror in your bathroom, and it will attract a lot of attention in the room, and the frame may get in the way of your toiletries.

Consider the color of the mirror

Another thing you need to consider when choosing the mirror for your bathroom is the color of the mirror. You can choose to have a black wooden bathroom mirror which has the finest finish. The color will balance the overall look of the wooden floor of the bathroom that easily brightens up your look. It will not look strange standing it in a corner of the bathroom. Brown colored mirrors are also fine, and you have a variety of wood and textures you can choose from.

Make sure you choose a mirror that has a perfect reflection of yourself, and one that makes you look better. You may choose it for its appearance or for the materials used just as long as it has the best finishing that will leave you feeling good.

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