Grecian Beauty: Unveiling Athens’ Pioneers in the Cosmetics Industry

February 7, 2024
2 mins read

As the capital city of Greece, Athens is home to a wealth of diverse businesses that operate across a range of industries. Notably, the city stands out as a hub for companies in the cosmetology sector. Many of these establishments offer unique and high-quality products that cater to a wide range of consumer needs, making Athens an important location for the global cosmetics industry. With such a dynamic industry comes a wealth of innovative and prestigious brands that have been born out of the city. Here are the key players in the Athenian cosmetics industry that have been garnering attention not just locally, but also on an international scale.


Founded in Sweden and known internationally, Oriflame decided to extend its operations and make Athens one of its bases. The company is renowned in the beauty and cosmetics industry, creating luxury products for women. With its Greek headquarters in Athens, Oriflame has increased its presence in Southern Europe, winning the hearts of the Greek people in their pursuit of beauty. Stay in the loop with Oriflame on their social media pages at @oriflamegreece and Oriflame Cosmetics GR on Facebook.

Gr. Sarantis SA

Gr. Sarantis SA is an essential asset to the consumer goods industry in Athens. The company is highly versatile, trading in a wide variety of cosmetics and household products. Their unique offerings in personal care and luxury cosmetics set them apart in their field. You can follow the company’s developments on LinkedIn.

Hondos Center

Hondos Center is a prominent branch in Athens’ cosmetics industry. As a provider in cosmetics, fashion amongst others, the company has successfully managed to make Athens a key location in their business. Follow them on their social media platforms @hondoscenter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Offering skincare products through cutting-edge biotechnology, YOUTH LAB. is truly an innovator in the cosmetics industry of Athens. With a focus on anti-aging, their products promote skin metabolism to preserve youthfulness. Engage with the brand on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Farmeco is a specialized beauty and cosmetics company that develops and markets advanced cosmeceuticals and dermo-cosmetics. They leverage cutting-edge technology, aiming to substantiate all their promises to end-users. Stay updated with their activities on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Operating in the cosmetics, dietary supplements, and fitness sectors, Nutraholic is a unique brand that stands out for its health-focused product offerings. Their specialization in dietary supplements sets them apart amidst Athens’ cosmetics industry landscape. Follow them on Facebook.


Medisei is an Athens-based company that offers beauty, cosmetics, and healthcare products. Not much information about the company is easily available, making it somewhat of a hidden gem in the industry. Stay in touch with their developments on Facebook.


Operating in the retail segment of the cosmetics industry, Lovie offers a stunning array of products, from vitamin-infused skin care items to body care products and fragrances. A promising and quickly growing brand, Lovie is making significant strides in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


YourPerfume is an Athens-based retailer specializing in affordable, high-quality perfumes. YourPerfume makes luxury fragrances accessible to all, with a varied catalog that caters to diverse tastes and budgets. You can stay updated with the brand on Facebook.


Located in Athens, Aromatisou operates in the retail sector of the cosmetology industry. The company specializes in cosmetics, making them another crucial player in the local cosmetics scene. Aromatisou can be followed on Facebook.

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