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Going To a Wedding? Here Are 6 Tips For Being the Perfect Wedding Guest

April 13, 2022
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It’s April and the wedding season is already in full swing! However, it is important to refresh our memories on how to be a perfect guest. This is important because all of us should be grateful for the invitation and thus respect the wedding couple’s special day.

To that end, here is a list of 6 tips on how to be a perfect wedding guest!

Prepare a suitable gift

Gifts are highly important parts of a wedding that make this ceremony even bigger. What is more, they also reflect on yourself. In other words, it really matters to the wedding couple what you are going to give them. This is because the wedding day is one of the most important and special days in their lives and they likewise expect you to get them something really special. This makes the wedding gift the priority on this list.

First of all, you should aim to buy such a gift that the couple will see as something that they exactly wanted and needed. On top of that, it should be no ordinary one. Instead, make sure you have a touch of uniqueness and will show them your care, appreciation, and support for them and their decision. To that end, you may think of getting them a personalized set of rings, or maybe slate coasters, mugs, and the like. The important thing is that these ideas aim at personalizing the gift and making it more special to the couple. It is almost certain that they will be enchanted by it and will keep it as a good memory of you and your friendship!

What to Wear

A wedding is indeed a special event not only for the wedding couple but for the guests as well. In that sense, it is important that you wear suitable clothes that mark the specialty of the event. If you have trouble choosing what to wear, keep the couple in your mind and adapt to their style. Likewise, you can ask your partner or friend to help you out with picking a suitable outfit. Likewise, the hair is also important. Make sure you tell your hairdresser about the special event and only after you get the haircut to choose the outfit that will match your haircut. If you are going to the wedding with your partner, ensure that your outfits match in some ways. This way, you will be the perfect wedding guest and will make the event even more special!

RSVP swiftly

Weddings accommodate a huge number of people and this makes it difficult to plan all details such as the number of seats, food, and so on. To that end, ensure that you make it easier for them by letting them know if you are coming or not. Everyone is always happy and appreciates a swift reply.

Come on time

All of us have had the opportunity to see late guests coming to the wedding, and we all remember a slightly awkward feeling about them. Indeed, it can be distracting to have guests coming late one after the other. For that reason, make sure you respect the invitation that you have got and thus respect the wedding couple by being there on time!


Children can sometimes make the wedding more fun and improve the atmosphere, but they can also sometimes disturb the other guests. What is more, they can also force you to leave the event prematurely or make your stay insufferable. All this makes it difficult to decide whether to dare to take your children with you or leave them at your friend or relative’s home. The key factor you should take into account when making a decision is the age of your children. If they are still too young, they may easily cry all the time and disturb you.

If, however, they listen to you and obey you, you might want to take them. On the other hand, if you have more children, maybe it would be best if you take only one with yourself and thus prevent fights, crying, and troublemaking at the ceremony! The wedding couple will certainly be grateful to you!

Don’t drink alcohol

Nobody likes wasted guests who have had too many drinks. What is more, both the wedding couple and the guests feel quite embarrassed by those who drink alcohol and get wasted. To that end, make sure you behave appropriately and you will be a perfect wedding guest!

One of the best ways to implicitly say “thank you and congrats” to the newlywed couple is by being such a guest that will embody these nice wishes!

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