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Get Luxury Home Office Desks At Affordable Prices

September 30, 2020
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Home offices have grown in popularity with the fast growth of home personal computers and home working. Nowadays, home offices have different sizes, layouts, features, color schemes, budgets, and purposes. While in today’s modern world, most computer-centric, some are still used as a library or a place to meet with clients.

Creating a home office or den is as simple as converting a bedroom or section of the basement into such a space. All you need is a desk and a chair. Of course, the sky is the limit with how much you can spend and features you can incorporate – especially today’s high-tech features.

An Introduction to Luxury Home Office Desks?

Luxury home office desks come in all forms, from traditional to contemporary, from large to small. They are often designed in a similar fashion as used in a regular office. There are some key differences, however. In a home office, putting in a built-in desk for example is much easier since you don’t have to worry about having an extra door to cut out or modifying the existing one.

One other key difference is that a luxury home office desk typically requires the same comfort one would expect in a regular office setting, that means adjustable height, extra room for files and paperwork, room for a computer and one or more telephones, room for a printer, room for fax machines, in short it should be comfortable and well-designed and sturdy.

Luxury Home Office Desk Materials

Luxury home office desks are typically made of wood, metal, or glass, or various combinations of these materials. Traditional wooden desks are made of oak, mahogany, pine, or cherry wood. Wood is usually carved and polished to add a touch of class and elegance to the desk. Many computer desks are built using cherry wood.

Luxury home offices desks made of wooden materials are priced in the medium-to-high range. There are some relatively cheap versions out there made of pine, pine is lighter in color and often used in modern-styled desks. Wood, whether it is hardwood or softwood, is known to be sturdy and durable. Wood does not crack or warp with time, it is an excellent material to make office furniture.

Desk desks are also made of metal. Modern luxury home office desks use metal frames and are usually made of steel.

Being able to withstand long-term use, metal makes an excellent material for home office desks. With metal home office desks you don’t have to worry about rocking or shifting. In addition, metal desks usually require less upkeep and are quite attractive. The downside of a metal desk is that they are easily dented or scratched by sharp items such as knives.

Desk desks are also made of glass. Glass, especially tempered glass, is very attractive and being transparent they can allow the use of stylish lighting. Glass desks are known to be very sturdy, only a sharp impact can cause any damages. As a result glass desks are completely maintenance-free.

Luxury Home Office Desk Design

Desk desks come in a number of designs. A large number of luxury home office desks are made to resemble a regular-sized office desk. In fact, some versions are designed to look exactly like the classic office desks we use in offices.

If you don’t want to use the standard desk sizes, many luxury home office desks come with specified dimensions. Finally, you can always design a desk that fits the specifications of your room. The design of the features including your home office furniture sometimes be a simple oval or round shape, an L-shaped design, or one with the appearance of a big U. Luxury home office desks also come in many sizes and shapes.

Most of the time tall enough so that the computer screen is in the same plane as the users’ eyes. Now they come in different widths, depending on your room layout, desk width ranges from about 24” wide to more than 48” wide.

There are racks underneath the desk to provide space for computer equipment. Most of the modern luxury home office desks have drawers for storage of small items. Some luxury models are designed with extra large drawers for file storage.

Finally there are desks with a hutch area that provides additional storage space for files, catalogs, and other materials. So one can select a desk that best suits the requirements of the room. There are some desks that can be built into a part of the wall or suspended from the ceiling.

All these give one the luxury of storing files and documents out of sight. Similar to our discussion of computer desks, material (wood, metal, etc.) and color can influence the price of luxury home office desks.

Luxury Home Office Desk Features

Luxury home office desks come with all of the features a luxury computer desk would. Some of the features usually include the following.

Luxury home office desks come with a number of accessories. Luxury home office desks are normally made of metal or wood. Usually the wood is very sturdy and durable, so it doesn’t have to be covered. By contrast, metal desks usually come covered with a protective paint or varnish.

Luxury office desks are available in many different finishes and colors. Colors such as black, mahogany, silver, or tan are very popular. Check out the local home decoration stores or bookstores to get more ideas.

One exciting new modern feature is the computer desk hutch. This may be solid wood or a combination of glass or wood to make a unique top to the desk or cabinets. This allows a home office to be made just about anywhere in a home.



iMovR Solid Wood Standing Desks

This product was recommended by Ron Wiener from iMovR

We manufacture the absolute ultimate in American hand-craft adjustable height desks for the luxury market. These have exploded in sales since covid, quintuple growth over the last five months in the high-end category (we make less expensive desks as well). We offer literally thousands of size, shape, species and stain combos, from compact footprint to large executive L-desks. All made in USA from sustainable species and a 7-step heirloom quality production process. Desks ship in 3 to 5 weeks depending on species.

Bernhardt Elton Writing Desk

This product was recommended by Willie Greer from The Product Analyst

Home office desks tend to easily get cluttered, so a minimally designed desk, such as the Bernhardt Elton Writing Desk, is perfect for home use. It takes just the right amount of space, especially when you don’t have a huge home office. The combination of oak and stainless steel also has a classy feel to it, which can elevate your home interiors as well.

Flash Furniture High-Back Black Mesh Executive Swivel Office Chair

This product was recommended by Andrew Roderick from Credit Repair Companies

It is both comfortable and airy in it’s design, which is perfect when you spend long hours at the computer like I do. The high back design means that I get no more back pain, and my head has somewhere to rest, unlike most of your typical office chairs. The headrest is adjustable too, perfect for someone who is tall or shorter. The base is sturdy, meaning that this chair will last you a long time. And the lumbar support means that I am covered all round for support to your back, head and rear.

Unicorn Large Reversible Corner Desk

This product was recommended by Michael Lowe from Car Passionate

I stand by owning corner desks, and this one is no exception. It’s a very sturdy desk and is perfect for using the computer for work and using the space on the other side for other projects. The sliding keyboard shelf is also great, allowing for the full desk space to be used for needs other than the computer. I chose this desk over other similar desks because it is reversible. I honestly see myself keeping this for longer than I’ll be staying at this house, so it’s great to be able to adjust which side of my desk is longer so it can fit any room perfectly.’

Yoleo Walnut 4 Tier storage desk

This product was recommended by Brett Downes from HaroHelpers

A top quality desk with lots of storage. Professionally packaged a when it arrives and very compact so easy to carry into the house. Instructions are as clear as a big Lego set and it took me less than an hour to put it together. It’s a sturdy desk that looks more expensive than it actually is. Functional and accessible, I don’t know what I would do without it now.

Tangkula Computer Desk

This product was recommended by Christopher Prasad from JookSMS

Easy to assemble, even easier on the eye. For kids or adults alike this desk looks the business and delivers plenty of space to store a lot of stuff. It scream quality and the eye catching design may deter people from actually working. Very good quality, clean design and it took us less than 30 minutes to build it. For anyone with limited patience, this desk is a must buy.

Micke Corner Workstation

This product was recommended by M. Ammar Shahid from SuperHeroCorp

This workstation has adjustable shelves to help you use the space efficiently. Also, a specific area is designed to keep the cords at arm’s length and out of sight. You can even mount your legs as per your space need or preference. Plus, the magnetic board saves you from spending money on sticky notes and provides you a paperless environment with a great option for writing notes.

Tama Desk by Walter Knoll

This product was recommended by Aleksandar Hrubenja from ModernGentlemen

The EOOS-design Tama Desk is a unique home office desk that oozes luxury style and creativity, all-in-one. This award-winning luxury home office desk by Walter Knoll features bronze legs and exceptional wooden craftsmanship to create the only home office desk you will ever need. The Tama Desk is suitable for any type of home office use and the inspirational design was made with the artistic freelancer in mind. So if you’re looking to add style, elegance and productivity to your home office, Walter Knoll is a great choice for an innovative luxury home office desk.

Tucker Double Pedestal Credenza Desk Rich Brown

This product was recommended by Stacie May from Lucky Watcher

This desk is a beautiful rich brown color. It has a detailed molding that will add to any home office. The drawers are lined with felt, which makes this desk extremely luxurious. The drawers even come with locks so you can be sure that your belongings and paperwork are safe.

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