Fupping Media announces the launch of a new platform to help UK consumers find the cheapest products

June 5, 2021
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Fupping Media today announced the launch of a new platform to help UK consumers find the cheapest products. The new product, named Frug.al, allows users to search for product categories and find the best in class and most affordable products. Developed by experienced company Fupping Media, the new product is fully functional and connects the user to the most competitive deals online.

Commented Nathaniel Fried, the co-founder of Fupping Media, “We love finding great deals online and we want to share our data with the world to help them save money. All you need to do is put in a few details, and our search engine will do the rest. Now, you can go shopping with ease.”

The Frug.al search engine compares prices of competitors, and filters out the cheapest deals. With millions of products on the internet the offering is ideal for everyone.

Fried added, “We are initializing features for our users, and we will be making announcements about more new features coming soon.”

The product is available to everyone, and can be used by educators, consumers, and businesses alike. The company aims at providing the best results via its advanced auction data process.

According to Fupping Media, Frug.al is the smartest platform for price comparison, connecting customers to the best deals across several product categories. It filters out the cheapest deals across the country to ensure customers save money.

The new search engine is the latest addition to the family of Fupping Media products. The company’s previous products include Fintech.coffee, BestStartup.co.uk and WelpMagazine.com.

For more information, visit frug.al

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