Exquisite Moscow-based Event Promotion Firms Transforming the Luxury Experience

February 8, 2024
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As a premier destination for lovers of high fashion and luxury lifestyle, Levi Keswick recognises the inextricable links between the world of fashion, glitz and glamour, and the industry of event promotion. In this article, we turn the spotlight on some of the industry’s masterminds, the companies situated in Moscow, Moscow City, Russia, who have made their mark in shaping unforgettable experiences and promoting high profile events. These companies have successfully marketed brilliant designs and trends, gaining attention and boosting brand awareness in the ever-evolving fashion and luxury industry.

This vibrant city, famous for its rich cultural and historical legacies, now stands as a significant hub for many sectors, including event promotion. Understanding the intricacies of the fashion industry, these Moscow-based firms are adept at creating standout events, eye-catching promotional campaigns, and immersive experiences that beautifully showcase what fashion and luxury brands have to offer.

In this article, you’ll find an overview of their backgrounds and areas of expertise. These companies, though diverse in their specialisation and approach, share a common thread – their exceptional commitment to amplifying brands in glamorous, stylish and unforgettable ways.


Rose is a well-established company in Moscow that operates in the spheres of Advertising, Event Promotion, Graphic Design, and Public Relations. Their immersive approach to creating memorable events has positioned them as a firm favourite in the industry. With their knack for designing authentic and standout campaigns, Rose continues to nurture and promote fashion and luxury brands.

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Concord Group

Specialising in Event Management and Promotion, the Concord Group brings to the table extensive industry knowledge and enriched experience. As event management maestros, they have a proven track record of delivering outstanding events that effectively promote and feature fashion and luxury brands.

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Founded in 2006, Smile-Expo has established a robust reputation in organising international specialised exhibitions, scientific conferences and seminars. As an active member of various international associations, their work in event management and promotion spans across multiple industries, including fashion and luxury. Smile-Expo’s commitment to delivering unique ideas for business development and market knowledge has established them as a pioneering force in the event promotion industry.

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Expertus, specialising in Advertising, Animation, and Event Promotion, is renowned for its ability to uniquely position brands into boundless horizons of potential and recognition. Expertus’ dedication to designing and crafting captivating promotional experiences has seen them contribute to the thriving success of numerous luxury and fashion brands.

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In the realms of Advertising, Event Promotion, and Marketing, Creon has carved a niche for itself with their unique branding strategies and impactful storytelling. Their commitment to excellence and creativity has seen them execute some of the most memorable promotional events for fashion and luxury brands.

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Corwell Marketing Agency

In the quest for creative solutions and remarkable promotional strategies, Corwell Marketing Agency stands tall. This Moscow-based agency, specialising in Advertising, Brand Marketing, Creative Agency, Event Promotion, Marketing, and Professional Services, delivers exceptional strategies that effectively promote and enhance the recognition of luxury and fashion brands.

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