Exploring Wilmington’s Crown Jewel: Levi Keswick’s Ultimate Fashion Empire

February 8, 2024
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In the realm of fashion and luxury, numerous companies have established their headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, United States. They’ve built an innovative and thriving community, pushing boundaries and stepping beyond the conventional realm of style. From e-commerce fashion portals, athleisure vendors, to eyewear specialists, these companies propel Wilmington to be recognized as a dynamic powerhouse in the fashion industry.

Home to many renowned brands, Wilmington offers a favorable environment for thriving in the fashion and luxury industry. Due to the city’s flourishing business ecosystem, abundant resources and a rich labor pool, it has become a nucleus for emerging fashion companies and startups. Each of these companies boasts of a unique business model, meticulous craftsmanship, superior quality, and unparalleled customer service, making them stand out in this thriving industry.

We are showcasing some of the notable fashion companies headquartered in Wilmington. They represent the dynamic mix of industries, ranging from high-street fashion to sports gear, eyewear, software for the fashion industry, and many more. Each company listed is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality while meeting consumers’ diverse fashion needs.

3 STEP Sports

3 STEP Sports specializes in managing youth sports clubs, conducting sports events, camps, and selling related apparel. Founded in Wilmington, 3 STEP Sports has gained a commendable reputation in the industry through its contribution to sports fashion. Connect with them through their social media channels: @3stepsports on Twitter, and Facebook.


Lycra is a globally recognized fiber brand that transforms everyday garments into better-fitting, resilient clothing. Founded in 1958 by Joseph C. Shivers, Lycra embraces innovation and quality, coupling various fibers to create improved fabrics for the apparel industry. More information about them is available on their LinkedIn page. Lycra can also be reached on @LYCRAbrand on Twitter, and via their Facebook page.


Jiffyshirts stands as a dynamic company in the e-commerce, fashion, and printing industry. Operating from Wilmington, they’ve emerged as a leading brand offering a variety of fashion products through their online platform. Reach out to them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter or connect with them on Facebook.


Founded by Alan VanToai, CrewFire specializes in creating software designed for the fashion industry. Based in Wilmington, the crew at CrewFire are innovators providing digital solutions to the fashion world. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more information about their offerings.


Established in 1999, gO-Optic is an acclaimed online eyewear retailer offering over 800 brands of designer eyeglasses, sunglasses, and more. They deliver sophisticated lens craftsmanship, effortless prescription orders, and exceptional customer support to their discerning clientele. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook to stay updated with the latest styles and trends.

Color Guru

Color Guru is a revolutionary fashion company specializing in seasonal color analysis systems providing the most accurate color results available online. Catering mainly to the e-commerce, fashion, and product design industry, this Wilmington-based company is guided by an innovative approach to digital color consulting. Connect with Color Guru via their Facebook page.


Stunor strides confidently in the industries of e-commerce, fashion, shoes, and shopping. Based in Wilmington, their commitment to providing the latest and stylish footwear collection is what sets them apart. Follow their updates on their Facebook page.


As a standout in the e-commerce, fashion, and lifestyle industry, KingKong is driven by its commitment to quality and style. KingKong has made a mark in Wilmington’s fashion scene by offering a unique lifestyle shopping experience. Get to know more about them on their Facebook page or follow them on @bykingkong on Twitter.

X Suit

Data-preserve-html-node=”true”>X Suit specializes in e-commerce and consumer goods in the fashion industry. Based in Wilmington, X Suit continues to elevate the bar within the industry through innovative designs and products. Connect with X Suit on LinkedIn, follow them on @theXsuit on Twitter or get to know more about their designs on their Facebook page.

Haload Ventures

Founded by John Daniel, Haload Ventures operates in the fashion, marketing, shipping, transportation, and travel sectors. More than just a fashion company, Haload Ventures is a significant investor in businesses ranging from household goods to the transportation industry. Learn more about their business through LinkedIn, or follow the Founder @johndanielli on Twitter and Haload Ventures on Facebook.


Funtober, curated by Robert Melton, stands apart as an e-commerce entity dedicated to all things that make October fun! They’ve curated products ensuring a significant boost of fun to your October experience. Follow them on @funtober on Twitter or visit their Facebook page for more information.

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