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Exploring the Best New Amsterdam Flavors for Creative Mixology

July 25, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • New Amsterdam Vodka, with its distinctive range of flavors, is a mixologist’s dream.
  • Classic flavors like Original, Citron, Raspberry, Peach, and Pineapple offer a diverse palette for cocktail creation.
  • Limited edition flavors such as Orange, Watermelon, Coconut, Apple, and Pink Whitney provide intriguing possibilities for innovative mixology.

Understanding the Allure of New Amsterdam Vodka

Steeped in quality and diversity, New Amsterdam Vodka, a quintessential American brand, prides itself on its versatile collection of flavors. With its triple distilled process and use of the finest grains, the brand has carved a niche in the world of vodka enthusiasts. This commitment to purity, coupled with an appealing array of flavors, offers a playground for mixology enthusiasts to concoct an exciting assortment of drinks.

New Amsterdam’s Classic Flavors: A Palette for Tradition and Versatility

The heart of New Amsterdam Vodka lies in its classic flavors, which serve as a smooth and adaptable base for traditional cocktails.

New Amsterdam Original Vodka

New Amsterdam’s Original Vodka is the bedrock upon which the brand stands. With its clean and fresh taste, it effortlessly complements classic cocktails, such as the Martini or Vodka Soda, making it an irreplaceable staple in any home bar.

New Amsterdam Citron Vodka

The Citron flavor offers a refreshing take on vodka with its zesty lemon taste. It pairs seamlessly with citrus-based mixers and is ideal for elevating the Lemon Drop or Cosmopolitan to new heights.

New Amsterdam Raspberry Vodka

A delight for raspberry lovers, the Raspberry Vodka brings a sweet and tangy flavor that makes refreshing summer cocktails such as Raspberry Collins or Raspberry Mojito a delightful experience.

New Amsterdam Peach Vodka

For those who lean towards a fruity touch, the Peach Vodka offers a subtly sweet flavor. The versatility of this flavor allows it to blend effortlessly with various mixers, adding a delicate layer of sophistication to cocktails like the Bellini or Peach Martini.

New Amsterdam Pineapple Vodka

The Pineapple Vodka adds a tropical twist to the palette. With its sweet and tangy flavor profile, it brings a taste of the tropics to drinks like the Pineapple Martini or Piña Colada.

Limited Edition Flavors: Inviting Innovation

In addition to their classic offerings, New Amsterdam Vodka continually expands its repertoire with intriguing limited edition flavors, inviting mixologists to experiment with new combinations.

New Amsterdam Orange Vodka

This limited edition flavor infuses cocktails with a refreshing burst of citrus. Perfect for cocktails like the Orange Crush or Orange Cosmo, the Orange Vodka adds a refreshing twist to any drink.

New Amsterdam Watermelon Vodka

The Watermelon Vodka captures the essence of summer in a bottle. Its juicy and refreshing flavor is ideal for crafting cocktails like the Watermelon Margarita or Watermelon Spritz.

New Amsterdam Coconut Vodka

Transport your senses to the beach with the Coconut Vodka. Its smooth and creamy flavor profile pairs well with a variety of mixers, perfect for tropical cocktails like the Coconut Mojito or Coconut Martini.

New Amsterdam Apple Vodka

The Apple Vodka, with its crisp and refreshing flavor, brings a touch of autumn to any cocktail. Its balanced sweet and tart flavor profile make it ideal for the Apple Martini or Apple Mule.

New Amsterdam Pink Whitney Vodka

The Pink Whitney Vodka is a result of a unique collaboration with former NHL player Ryan Whitney. This limited edition flavor infuses vodka with pink lemonade, perfect for creating vibrant and refreshing cocktails like the Pink Whitney Lemonade or Pink Whitney Spritz.


The best New Amsterdam flavors offer an extraordinary palette for cocktail enthusiasts. The brand’s commitment to quality and variety in its classic and limited edition flavors opens up endless opportunities for creative mixology. Whether you’re a fan of traditional cocktails or like to experiment with innovative concoctions, New Amsterdam Vodka has a flavor to suit every taste.

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