Exploring Surrey’s Pioneering Digital Marketing Firms: The Levi Keswick Showcase

February 7, 2024
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In an era dominated by technology, digital marketing has emerged as a crucial aspect for businesses to stand out in their respective industries. A number of these digital marketing dynamos have made Surrey, British Columbia, their home, providing innovative solutions transforming the world of business. We will delve into a few notable companies carving a name for themselves in the digital marketing industry, headquartered in Surrey.


Founded by Sherry Jacobi, Studiothink has been providing high-calibre web design and marketing solutions for over 20 years. Studiothink creates strategic websites, authentic brands, and effective marketing for businesses in Vancouver, Surrey, and the Lower Mainland. They specialize in crafting lasting brands and value-driven marketing strategies, ensuring your brand matters.


Led by founder Amit Dadhwal, VanCoders stands out with a decade of experience in website design, mobile app development, graphic design, and more. Ensuring that every end-product is a masterpiece that generates value for its clients, this leading website designer believes its success nests in the triumph of its clients.

Savvy Search Marketing

Savvy Search Marketing, founded by Savvas Kyriakides, has grown into one of North America’s premier digital marketing agencies. With a fully integrated service, Savvy Search Marketing provides solutions from hosting to content writing, driven by a passion for delivering comprehensive, strategic digital marketing solutions that ensure mutual growth.


StoreBuilder offers innovative solutions in the field of advertising, digital marketing, E-Commerce, Web Design, and Web Development.

Crow Computing

Crow Computing is a versatile company offering services in digital marketing, IT management, VoIP, and web development.

Panta Marketing

Panta Marketing is an advertising and digital marketing company that also provides services in lead generation and SEO.

Agency Media

Agency Media is a combination of video producers, creatives, tech-savvy experts, educators, and moral compass believers. They provide brands with quality and scalable content in the digital space.

ONIKON Creative

ONIKON Creative is an expert in digital marketing, printing, and social media marketing.

Oi Marketing

Founded by Kyle Sanker, Oi Marketing is a digital marketing and consulting firm that offers a range of services from website development, digital ads, SEO integration & analysis to social media management.


NexVisTech provides services in digital marketing, E-Commerce, SEO, and web development.

Cumulus Digital Limited

Cumulus Digital Limited is a digital marketing company that also provides services in IT management and software development.

These are just some of the notable digital marketing companies in Surrey, BC. They embody the spirit of innovation, delivering unique and effective solutions in a rapidly advancing digital age.

Please note that article may need to be supplemented with more detailed descriptions for the companies whose details are not provided in the brief.

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