Exploring Noida’s Premier Event Management Companies: A Levi Keswick Spotlight

February 7, 2024
2 mins read

Welcome to the world of power brands and momentous occasions, where planning, creativity, and execution makes all the difference. Event management is a booming industry, creating experiences that are carved in the memories of attendees. At the heart of this industry in India, based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, are a set of companies elevating the bar with their innovative services. Noida, known for its corporate surroundings and vibrant lifestyle, is a hotbed for event management firms, bringing unique and exhilarating experiences to life.

These companies cater to a variety of events – be it corporate, social, or entertainment-based – with meticulous planning and execution. Armed with creativity, comprehensive strategies, state-of-art technological advancements, and a knack for understanding their clients’ needs, these event management companies are ensuring successful events with impactful brand visibility.

Let’s take a look at these companies, summarizing who they are, what sets them apart, and how they are shaping the event management industry in Noida. It’s time to amplify your impressions, spark conversations, and create unforgettable experiences.


Founded by Amresh Verma, hire4event.com is an innovative start-up launched in 2015 with an ambitious dream of taking the event industry to the next level. Bringing expertise from big events like IPL, AUTO EXPO, and SUNBURN, the company is targeting corporate houses for their events like conferences and meetings. The company’s USP lies in its in-house production and equipment which makes them a reliable partner to their clients as well as to other event management firms.@hire4eventcom. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn for more updates.


Funded by Ruchi Garg, Venuelook operates as a marketplace for venue owners and seekers, disrupting the venue search and booking process. This platform hosts 10 Lakh+ events over the year and seeks to revolutionize how events are booked and managed. Follow them on @venuelook, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


AMPLIOR is a team of innovative and driven individuals dedicated to delivering business results. This company finds its strength in breaking through barriers and achieving new levels of growth and revenue for your business. To learn more about their work, follow them on @Amplior, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Founded by Kumari Pallavi and Nishank Gupta, 3Cheer is known for creating timeless designs for any event from weddings, social soirées to corporate events and more.

Channel Technologies – Direct Marketing & Corporate event management company

Founded by Niraj Davar, Channel Technologies is a specialized event management company that provides innovative and cost-effective marketing services. @ChannelTweeter Find them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Creative Thinks Media

Founded by Ritz Malik, Creative Thinks Media operates in the realms of advertising, digital marketing, and event management. Follow CTM on @ctm_blog, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Brand Step

Brand Step is known for its expertise in brand promotion, digital strategies, social-digital media planning, etc. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Founded by Arun Yadav in 2018, SetMyWed is an online media platform composed of professionals who work for a wedding. Check out their Facebook or LinkedIn for more updates.

E Factor Experiences

Founded by Jai Thakore and Samit Garg, E Factor Experiences is shaping up how events, music, and tourism are managed in India. Follow them on @efactorevent, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Sporty Solutionz

Founded by Ashish Chadha, Sporty Solutionz is a full-service sports marketing company that is innovating across multiple areas of sports marketing. Follow them on Facebook.

Fortune Events & Advertising

Fortune Events & Advertising cover a broad spectrum of services from BTL activities, mela participation, rural promotional activities to corporate event management. Check out their Facebook or LinkedIn.

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