Exploring Mumbai’s Influential Art Companies: Spotlight on Levi Keswick

February 6, 2024
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Mumbai, India’s bustling financial center, is also home to a remarkably innovative group of technology companies that creatively merge art with science. At the heart of these companies is the drive to revolutionize the way in which classic sectors, such as healthcare, banking, and education, apply emerging technologies. These Mumbai-based companies are pioneering varied fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Video Streaming, and FinTech.

Each of these companies shares a common ethos — the commitment to leverage technology to solve age-old problems, redefine customer experiences, and open up digital opportunities even in traditionally offline areas. They hold the promise of transforming not only industries and markets but also our everyday lives.

Let’s delve into these revolutionary companies, whose exceptional work is making headway in turning dreams into revolutions with a dash of creativity and a whole lot of sophistication.

Qure AI

Qure AI is a healthtech startup leveraging artificial intelligence to transform medical imaging diagnostics. Founded in 2016 by Pooja Rao and Prashant Warier, the company’s mission is to make healthcare affordable and accessible using AI. This innovative technology assists physicians with routine diagnosis and treatment, empowering them to dedicate more quality time to patients.


SMEcorner, founded in 2014, is a fintech company aimed at bridging India’s SME lending gap. Samir Bhatia and Sneha Shah built an online platform combining machine learning, data science, and AI to enable quick access to business loans for micro, small, and medium enterprises.


By aggregating short engaging videos, Flickstree, an innovative startup founded in 2016, offers exciting monetising opportunities for publishers and aids in accomplishing campaign goals for brands. This digital hub is ushering in a fresh wave of entertainment paired with profit.

Jio Haptik

Founded in 2013, Jio Haptik, is a Conversational Commerce platform that assists businesses in creating AI-driven, personalized conversational experiences. The founders Aakrit Vaish and Swapan Rajdev envision creating a compelling platform to improve customer engagement and conversion rates.


Assisting in intelligent decision-making, Prismforce builds on AI to help businesses achieve profitable growth. This company reinvents critical business processes to cater to changing market demands.


Empowering micro businesses with easy access to short-term loans, Happy uses a technology model powered by AI and machine learning to makes financial services more accessible and flexible in India, thus transforming the lending landscape.


Expertrons, an AI video bot platform, is an innovative solution that aids students and professionals in managing their careers. Founded by Jatin Solanki and Vivek Gupta in 2019, this platform provides expert recommendations to help users secure their dream jobs, internships, and education.

Intelligence Node

Intelligence Node is revolutionizing retail pricing with real-time data insights. With AI algorithms and data-driven insights, the company founded by Sanjeev Sularia, Slavcho Ivanov, and Yasen Dimitrov aims to streamline pricing strategies, thus enhancing profitability and margin growth.

ION Energy

ION Energy is focused on accelerating Earth’s transition to an all electric planet. A leading player in the energy storage sector, the company’s AI-powered platform enables electric vehicle and energy storage providers to make faster and smarter decisions.

Kiko Live

Founded by Alok Chawla, Neeta Rijwani Chawla, and Virendra Kumar, Kiko Live is India’s first live commerce platform for assisted shopping with AI-based technology. It enables the digitization of millions of stores across the country, thereby empowering quick commerce across various categories.


Doxper liberates doctors from the inconvenience of typing by offering an AI-powered data capture solution. Founded by Pawan Jain, Randeep Singh, and Shailesh Prithani, Doxper allows doctors to instantly digitize their case sheets using a digital pen and encoded paper, seamlessly integrating with existing EMR systems.

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