Exploring Florence, Alabama’s Pioneering Dental Industry Fashion Innovations

February 7, 2024
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While Florence, Alabama, may not instantly spring to mind when one thinks of the United States’ dental industry, it has a thriving community of dental healthcare providers. These innovative companies operate across various sectors, including primary health, cosmetic surgery, oral health, dental diagnostics, and more. This article provides a snapshot of some of the leading dental industry companies based in Florence, Alabama, highlighting their diverse range of services and dedication to providing the highest quality of care to their patients.

Florence’s dental industry encompasses companies of all sizes, from small, community-focused service providers to larger clinics offering a wide range of services. What they all have in common, however, is a commitment to excellence, showcasing the best that Florence has to offer. The following companies are just a few examples of the dynamic and growing dental industry in Florence, Alabama.

Each company included in this feature has a unique approach to dental care, offering an array of specialised services tailored to the specific needs of their patients. From the community-oriented focus of the non-profit Shoals Community Clinic to the comprehensive dental care solutions provided by Hickory Hills Dental Care and Johnson Mahan Dental Care, these companies are setting new standards for dental care in Florence.

Shoals Community Clinic

The Shoals Community Clinic is a non-profit organization that provides primary health and dental care to people of the Shoals Area who do not have health benefits. Their goal is to provide quality, safe, and affordable care to members of their community. More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Sexton Dental Clinic

For more holistic dental care, Sexton Dental Clinic is a fantastic solution. With wide-ranging services across healthcare and dental diagnostics, patients are assured of comprehensive care here. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Hickory Hills Dental Care

Hickory Hills Dental Care specializes in a range of dental services from fillings and restorations to cosmetic treatments. They place patient-oriented treatments at the forefront of their operations. To know more about them, visit their Facebook page.

Johnson Mahan Dental Care

Offering oral hygiene care, dental cleaning, bonding, crowns, bridges, and more, Johnson Mahan Dental Care ensures patients get VIP treatment, along with customized dental restoration services. Visit their Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.

Cypress Creek Dental

Cypress Creek Dental offers personalized dental care ranging from preventative care to orthodontic and esthetic dentistry. Utilizing the latest dental technology, they provide quality, customized oral health treatment. Visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to learn more.

Signature Smile

As a multi-specialty dental practice with locations in Florence and Huntsville, Signature Smile provides dentists with the support and clinical autonomy they need to succeed. Visit their Facebook and Twitter for more information.

In conclusion, the dental industry in Florence, Alabama, is highly diverse and dynamic. The companies featured in this article offer an array of innovative and highly specialized services to meet the dental healthcare needs of their clients. They represent a small slice of the flourishing dental industry present in this city, showing that Florence, Alabama, is an established and growing hub for dental care.

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