Exploring Exceptional Chandigarh-based Fashion Companies: Unveiling India’s Stylish Secrets

February 8, 2024
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Chandigarh, historically a gateway to the Himalayas and the capital city of two Indian states, is a thriving metropolis. The city is renowned worldwide for its impressive modernist architecture and urban planning. However, it’s the city’s vibrant fashion and luxury scene that has been capturing the attention recently. The city has been attracting a considerable amount of buzz in the fashion and lifestyle industries, with a myriad of budding companies implanting their roots right in the heart of the city. Chandigarh, considered one of India’s most well-planned cities, offers the perfect setting for these innovative businesses to grow and prosper.

The fashion powerhouses making Chandigarh their home are diverse, ranging from interactive e-commerce platforms, innovative fashion design houses to health and beauty apps. These companies have managed to leverage the rising consumerism in India, a growing middle class with increased disposable income, and the rapid trajectory of smartphone use. These companies are using innovative business models, high-quality products, and investments in technology to carve out their niches in this lucrative market.

The city’s fashion industry is characterized by its flair for embracing the traditional, while at the same time, focusing on modern, innovative and cutting-edge styles and designs. This delicate balance has resulted in a unique fashion culture that emphasizes craftsmanship, heritage, and the future of fashion. Let us take a look at a few of the innovative fashion companies making their marks in Chandigarh’s effervescent fashion scene.


Founded by Pulkit Gogna, BharatSthali aims at preserving and promoting the rich textile heritage of India. They offer a contemporary platform for textile designers, artisan communities, and weavers to showcase their intricate work. They aim to connect the consumers directly with the weavers, eliminating middlemen and ensuring fair prices for both parties.

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Bulbul, co-founded by Sahil Bansal, is the first on-demand beauty service and personal care application in India. This innovative app allows users to avail a variety of beauty services from the comfort of their homes, with high-quality products and experienced beauty professionals. It is an essential app for those seeking a luxurious and customized beauty experience.

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Comprodeal – Online shopping website

Founded by Kesar Chauhan, Comprodeal is an emerging online platform that brings the latest trends and styles in fashion through an easy and accessible interface. The website brings you a diverse and vibrant collection of fashion staples to choose from.

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Co-founded by Amrit Singh, Hardil Sarao, Partik Bhuchar, and Sachin Goel, F2SO4 is a growing name in the world of fashion. While they are yet to share more about their offerings, they promise to bring an exciting change to the fashion industry.

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The International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) is a fashion designing and interior designing institute based in Chandigarh. Their mission is to foster a generation of creative thinkers and imaginative doers. Through their programs, they aim to imprint the world with artistic trends and innovative designs.

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99Pockets, founded by Shweta Aggarwal, is an online shopping site for women. They offer a vast range of ethnic wear including suits, sarees, lehngas, and wedding gowns. The platform is known for its quality fabric, elegant designs, and affordable prices.

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SP Design House

SP Design House is a digital platform for creatives. They provide a space for designers to showcase their work and for clients to find the right designer for their needs, making it a win-win situation for both. The platform specializes in logo designs, business card designs, newsletter and brochure designs, webpage and landing page designs, T-Shirt Designs contests, and Flyer Designs.

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CINESTYLE INDIA is a photography service based in Chandigarh that specializes in collecting happy, interesting, and precious moments. They bring an undiluted sense of joy and professionalism to their work.

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Founded by Rajesh Sah, Dailyonlineoffer.com is your one-stop shop for the best deals, coupons, and various shopping needs. Not only they offer the best deals from various e-commerce sites, but they also promise the lowest prices.

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BeebBabe is an emerging name in the world of e-commerce, focusing on high-quality lingerie. While they are yet to share more about their offerings, they promise to bring an exciting change to the shopping of intimate wear.

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