Exploring Eastbourne’s Digital Marketing Leaders: Insight into Levi Keswick Operations

February 7, 2024
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Eastbourne, East Sussex is known for its stunning beaches, historic landmarks, and thriving arts scene, but it is also emerging as a hub for digital marketing services. An increasing number of innovative companies are setting up shop in this coastal town, providing a vast array of digital marketing strategies, from SEO optimisation to website design and email marketing. The following companies, all based in Eastbourne, are making a significant impact in the industry and serving a diverse range of clients both domestically and internationally.

These companies have not only played a substantial role in bolstering the local economy, but are contributing to Eastbourne’s growing reputation as a viable location for tech-based enterprises. Eager to showcase their talents and services, these companies embody the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that makes Eastbourne an exciting locale for businesses and consumers alike.

Here are six pioneering digital marketing companies headquartered in Eastbourne, East Sussex who are reshaping the future of marketing and communication through their innovative services.

RJM Digital

Founded by Robert Mould, RJM Digital prides itself on a results-driven approach to digital marketing. Specialising in advertising, web design, and web development, RJM Digital offers tailored solutions that target individual client needs and goals. Find them on Twitter @rjm_digital, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.

Fountain Digital

Known for its strategies in advertising, digital marketing, and marketing, Fountain Digital creates results aimed towards meeting the unique needs of individual businesses. Connect with them on Twitter @fountaindigital, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.

Cobb PR

Cobb PR offers services in advertising, consulting, digital marketing, public relations, and social media strategy. Crafting meaningful relationships through engaging content and efficient communication, Cobb PR has helped brands connect with their customers in meaningful ways. Follow them on Twitter @wearecobbpr and Linkedin here.

PRG Marketing Communications

PRG Marketing Communications provides thorough marketing strategies including services in advertising, digital marketing, graphic design, SEO, and web design. They are dedicated to offering holistic solutions that help clients thrive in the digital landscape. Keep updated with them via their Twitter @PRGPublicity, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.

Counting Stars

With a comprehensive array of services including website and social media services, content writing, email marketing, online advertising, and SEO, Counting Stars provides marketing solutions tailored to small to medium-sized businesses. Reach them on Twitter @countingstarswa, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.

SCS Marketing

SCS Marketing focuses on both advertising and digital marketing services. With their industry acumen, they deliver tailored strategies aimed at aiding businesses amplify their online presence and connect with their target audience. Connect with them on Linkedin here.

Eastbourne’s thriving digital marketing industry provides businesses with an array of options to help meet their digital needs. From SEO to web design, these companies offer a wealth of expertise and innovation, fostering a vibrant and entrepreneurial business environment in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

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