Exploring Draper, Utah’s Remarkable Influence on Luxury Cosmetics Industry

February 7, 2024
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The city of Draper in Utah, the United States, may not be the first location that comes to mind when thinking about the cosmetics industry. However, it’s home to some innovative companies dedicated to making strides in this field. From luxury beauty offerings to customized skin care, let’s explore some of those companies further.

Operating at the forefront of the booming online beauty market, these companies are a testament to the dynamic nature of the cosmetics industry today. Each one, offering innovative products and services that cater to diverse consumer needs and expectations.

As digital disruption continues to transform every corner of the beauty industry, it’s fascinating to observe how these Draper-based businesses are making their mark. Ensuring that Utah remains a significant player in the global marketplace.

PMD Beauty

PMD Beauty is a beauty, cosmetics, E-commerce, and sales company based in Draper, Utah. Their social media presence is strong, with an active following on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They specialize in providing beauty and cosmetic products, transforming the industry’s landscape through their unique offerings.

Wasatch Product Development

New cosmetics, manufacturing, and nutrition player in the field, Wasatch Product Development has quickly carved a name for themselves. Led by founder Kevin Casey, the company’s mission is to provide top-quality products to its clients. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn.


The brainchild of Harrison Mitchell, GroopDealz has emerged as a popular shopping destination for boutique fashion, cosmetics, and home decor. As described by the founders, the company started as a simple idea around a kitchen table and has grown into a platform supporting local artisans and businesses. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Quintessence Health & Wellness

Quintessence Health & Wellness is a unique entity that combines cosmetics with health care and fitness. From infusion therapy to mood treatment and weight loss programs, they offer a broad range of services catering to overall wellness. Get to know more about them on their LinkedIn page and Facebook page.

SMPL Manufacturing

Offering services ranging from formulation development to microbiology, SMPL Manufacturing is a comprehensive solution for cosmetics manufacturing and product design. Their specialized services have made them a one-stop shop for cosmetics companies in need of detailed and rigorous testing. Know more about their work via their LinkedIn page.

Falling Creek Dental

Providing a revamp for dental health and cosmetics, Falling Creek Dental offers a vast range of services from veneers to full mouth reconstruction. The company blends the world of health care and cosmetics to provide clients with beautiful smiles and optimal oral health. You can explore their work via their LinkedIn page and Facebook page.

These companies, rooted in the small town of Draper, are paving the way for a more inclusive, innovative, and exceptional horizon in the world of cosmetics and beauty. Offering consumers everything from cutting-edge beauty tools to locally-made boutique finds, there’s no doubt these Draper-based companies are making an indelible mark on the industry one product at a time.

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