Exploring Barcelona’s Premier Art Companies: A Spotlight on Catalonia’s Finest

February 6, 2024
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Welcome to the latest feature in our series, where we shine a spotlight on a selection of innovative companies driving change within the Art industry. Many of these players are to be found nestled in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, home to a burgeoning art scene and numerous creativity-fuelled start-ups. Along with excellent weather and an illustrious history, Barcelona has emerged as the perfect breeding ground for a slew of inspiring Art-focused businesses. In this feature, we will delve into a diverse range of visionary establishments, each contributing to their domain in unique and exciting ways.

The companies under review cater to a panoply of industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Applications, Software, and Property Management, among others. These organizations are not just leading the technological revolution in their sectors but are also positively impacting their local communities. While this is no exhaustive list, these companies nonetheless embody the spirit of innovation and drive that permeates Catalonia’s jewel city.

Without further ado, let’s get acquainted with these exceptional firms carving a niche in Barcelona’s thriving Art scene and leaving a lasting impact on the industry.


Badi is an artificial intelligence-enabled online room rental platform that operates in the real estate and rental property industry. Founded by Alvaro Cordoba and Carlos Pierre, Badi facilitates secure room bookings and payments through its robust platform, creating a safe community for users across the globe. The company was established in September 2015 and is currently based in Barcelona, Spain.


Worldsensing is a powerful player in the Cloud Computing, Information Technology, and Internet of Things sectors, providing innovative IoT solutions. Founders Ignasi Vilajosana, Jordi Llosa, and Xavier Vilajosana have led the company in creating comprehensive vertical solutions in sectors experiencing significant impact from IoT. Worldsensing, nestled in Barcelona, is lauded for its smart traffic management portfolio and industrial solutions.


Pioneered by Eudald Camprubi and Ramon Navarro, Nuclia offers an API for developers to build AI-powered search engines. The company, specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, simplifies the complex task of creating AI-driven search engines— elevating its relevance in the competitive industry.


Mediktor is a leading system in pre-diagnosis, triage and decision-making support. Founded by Cristian Pascual and Oscar García-Esquirol, this Artificial Intelligence and Health Care platform provides patients with more considerable decision-making control, optimising health resources for better medical coverage.


Gestoos, founded by Andrea Halfpap, Germán León, and Marcel Alcoverro, is a sophisticated AI solution that responds to natural human behaviour. It allows high-precision tracking in the retail technology space, adding a tangible value to the user experience.


Haddock, a B2B SaaS for the restaurant industry, was developed by Arnau Navarro Rodriguez. This Artificial Intelligence company aids in managing cost control— a lifeline for the bustling food and beverage industry in Barcelona.


Creators Ana Maiques and Giulio Ruffini unveiled Neuroelectrics in 2012. The digital brain health company focuses on enhancing and monitoring brain health through advanced wireless EEG and stimulation devices. A notable presence in the artificial intelligence and healthcare space, the company illustrates Barcelona’s global leadership.


Bioo, founded by Pablo Vidarte, is a CleanTech company transforming the energy sector. Using unique technologies and patents, Bioo generates electricity from nature, setting a sustainability benchmark in the industry.


Bharath Sankaran and Stuart Maggs brought Naska.AI to life, aiming for quality control and progress monitoring in the construction industry. By deploying artificial intelligence and robotics, Naska.AI promises to bring forth a much-needed innovation in the sector.


HumanITcare was founded by Guayente Sanmartin, Núria Pastor Hernández, and Unai Sanchez Luque. This CE certified software simplifies healthcare access while providing an integrated model that connects medical devices— a precious asset in healthcare IT.


Restb.ai developers Angel Esteban Soto, Damià Garcia i Priu, and Xavi Hernando Bonvehi present a unique artificial intelligence solution that extracts data from property photos to solve real estate problems. The company leverages deep learning technology to tag and classify property photos, making it an indispensable asset in visual search technology.

With the spotlight on Barcelona, each one of these enterprises is leaving a significant impact on the scene. Melding the beauty of art with technological innovation, they highlight what the city can offer— serving as a testament to Barcelona’s vibrant business culture.

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