Everything You Need To Throw the Best Garden Party

Everything You Need To Throw the Best Garden Party

May 31, 2023
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A well-thrown garden party is a delightful treat, but getting everything just right requires strategic planning and fresh ideas. Read on to learn about everything you need to throw the best garden party.

Go With Open Seating

A sitting party seems like a good idea because of the structure it brings. But allowing your guests to mingle and speak freely throughout the party is a much better decision. Set the cocktail area up so that guests feel comfortable visiting one another.

Too much structure can make things feel confined and stuffy. Open seating allows everyone to sit in the sun or the shaded area if they need to change locations. Also, consider setting up a station with sunscreen and paper fans to keep everyone cool and protected from harsh UV rays.

Craft the Table

Even with open seating, the table setting still needs to be a focal point. The tablescape is crucial, and it doesn’t take much to set the tone. All you need is a beautiful spread of food and a gorgeous outdoor backdrop.

The food needs to be a kaleidoscope of colors against a white tablecloth. A colorful spread is a necessity for the summertime. Also, make sure the flower color scheme matches the food and place them inside glass vases rather than clay pots to display their vibrancy.

Elevate the Comfort Level

Aside from sunscreen and paper fans, your guests need an extra dose of comfort and elegance. Instead of forcing them to leave the party to use the restroom, bring the facilities outside to them. Don’t think porta-potty—think luxury.

Rent a luxurious restroom trailer because they provide the ultimate comfort for a garden party. However, there are a few things to expect when renting a restroom trailer, such as size and location requirements. The units are spacious, well-ventilated, and climate controlled, so you don’t need to worry about heat. Plus, the full-length mirror allows guests to check their appearance before returning to the party.

Hire a Full Staff

The job of a host is to entertain guests. You shouldn’t concern yourself with serving, cleaning up, or cooking. You need to ensure that every guest member is having a great time.

Hire a full staff to handle the setup and take down. You can hire a catering company to serve guests. See about setting up a wet bar and hiring a bartending staff to make signature and seasonal cocktails. Pair the correct wines with the proper dishes and any other refreshments.

Everything you need to throw the best garden party is right at your fingertips. Start getting things in motion now.

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