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February 8, 2024
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In the heart of Portugal, capital city Lisbon (Lisboa), is not only renowned for its captivating landscapes and rich history; it’s also home to a bustling fashion industry. A vibrant city that’s indefatigably pushing the boundaries of style, it’s the headquarters for such companies as Gleam, Followprice, Girissima, and others. These companies are trailblazers in the fashion industry, championing innovation, delivering high-quality products, and establishing new trends. Let’s delve deeper and get familiar with each of these exciting companies.


Located in Lisbon, Gleam caters to the fashion-focused and lifestyle-oriented consumers. Founded by Andreia Campos, Gleam brings users the latest trends in world fashion. As a platform offering analytics for brands, Gleam allows the industry to keep up with consumers and understand real-time changes in preferences across markets and segments. You can find Gleam on Twitter (@gleamworld_), Facebook (, and LinkedIn (


Followprice, based in Lisbon, is an advanced digital marketing tool created by founders Gonçalo Mendes, Gonçalo Mendes, Joao Almeida Leitao, and João Andrade. With a focus on the e-commerce industry, it offers a solution for both consumers and online retailers. For consumers, it provides a structured way to be notified of price changes for their favorite products. For online retailers, it serves as a high-quality lead generator. Followprice can be found on Twitter (@Followprice_), Facebook (, and LinkedIn (


Girissima is an online shop offering specially curated women’s fashion. The company, based in Lisbon, is the creation of Aytea Alvarez-Amandi. With a broad selection of high-quality fashion brands, Girissima offers clothing that’s chic and timeless. You can learn more about Girissima on Twitter (@girissima_), Facebook (, and LinkedIn (

Sacoor Brothers

Sacoor Brothers, a fashion company located in Lisbon, was founded by Malik Sacoor, Moez Sacoor, Rahimo Sacoor, and Salim Sacoor. To know more about them, follow them on Twitter (@sacoor_brothers), Facebook (, and LinkedIn (

Tap My Back

Founded by Rui Gouveia, Tap My Back is based in Lisbon and operates in the enterprise software, fashion, gamification, and human resources industries. The company fosters an instant recognition and feedback culture, boosting team performance. Further information on Tap My Back can be found on Twitter (@tapmyback), Facebook (, and LinkedIn (


Based in Lisbon, Freakloset is a footwear brand founded by Joana Lemos. Freakloset is a statement for the modern world, pushing the boundaries of 3D customization and redefined identity. Stay up-to-date with Freakloset via Facebook (


Defining the future of e-commerce with a human touch, Trendiamo is based in Lisbon and founded by Daniel Welzel, Felix Buschkotte, and Wolfgang Schmidt-Ulm. It brings a real human connection to e-commerce platforms. You can reach Trendiamo on Twitter (@trendiamo) and LinkedIn (


UNUA GLOBAL, based in Lisbon and established by Luis Mercader and Mário Gaspar, aspires to be a one-stop-shop for made-to-measure fashion. With meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality products, UNUA represents the epitome of personalized fashion. You can get more information about UNUA GLOBAL on LinkedIn (


AROUNDtheTREE, a European brand of design furniture based in Lisbon, is passionate about the art of craftsmanship. Offering environmentally-friendly designs imbued with traditional Portuguese style, AROUNDtheTREE amplifies the beauty of solid wood. You can learn more about AROUNDtheTREE via Twitter (@AROUNDthTREE), Facebook (, and LinkedIn (

Maison Pixel

Based in Lisbon, Maison Pixel is a fashion brand inspired by pixels that brings low-resolution computer graphics to real life. You can follow Maison Pixel on Twitter (@maisonpixel) and Facebook (


Finally, based in Lisbon, BAUOUT creates a premium marketplace for selling sneakers. Founded by Diogo Silva Santos, BAUOUT is a platform for not only serious collectors but also casual buyers. You can find more information about BAUOUT through Facebook ( and LinkedIn (

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