Discover Boulder’s Leading Event Specialists: Highlighting World-Class Colorado-Based Companies

February 8, 2024
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Welcome to your ultimate guide to event companies based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Inspired by the vibrant and thriving community, these companies bring exceptional moments of joy, networking, encounter and productive exchanges to life in this iconic meetup spot. Each company serves its unique role in the bustling event industry, contributing to Boulder’s thriving status as the heart of Colorado’s event scene. From outdoor adventures to high-profile concerts, community celebrations, and business summits – Boulder provides excellent platforms for both local citizens and global guests.

This directory serves to highlight these extraordinary organizations that make it all possible. Whether you’re looking for a fresh place for your next business conference or a cool venue for your upcoming music gig, Boulder boasts an abundance of event management outfits. We take you through several Event companies, detailing their services, success stories, and how they are spicing up the event scene in Boulder. Check them out and find the best match for your event needs.

The list includes companies operating in diverse sectors like Event Management, Music, Adventure Travel, Consulting, Fitness, Social Media, Finance, In-Flight Entertainment, Art, Charity, Advertising, and Publishing, to name a few. Each company is distinguished by its unique approach, innovative solutions and the determination to deliver the absolute best to every client. Let’s dive in.

Madison House Presents

With a firm footing in the Events, Film Production, Media and Entertainment, and Music industry, Madison House Presents has created a lasting reputation for transforming simple concepts into extraordinary experiences. Connect with the company’s network on @mhpresents, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Baby Bathwater Institute

Baby Bathwater Institute offers a mix of entrepreneurship services, mastermind planning, special events, leadership, networking, growth strategies consultations and more. Stay up-to-date with their activities by following them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Cvent specializes in Event Management, Events, and Marketing. Find coworking opportunities on their LinkedIn page.

Boulder Country Club

A perfect blend of fitness, golf, hospitality, lifestyle and sports, the Boulder Country Club is ever ready to give you a flavor of Boulder’s warm atmosphere on @BoulderCC, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Madison House Inc.

A powerhouse for Event Management, Events, Music, and Reservations, Madison House Inc. is steadily breaking new ground. Be part of their journey on @madisonhouseinc and Facebook.


Focused on leveraging content, events, search engine optimization and social media to revolutionize connectivity, Lokalite is an integral part of Boulder’s vibrant community. You can experience their vitality on @lokalite and Facebook.


As pioneers in building online communities for conferences, EventVue is reshaping networking amongst individuals in the Events, Finance, FinTech world. Stay updated with their developments on @eventvue.


Experts in In-Destination Experience, Events and Travel, Arival is creating excellent event experiences and empowering creators of tours, activities and attractions. Join their community on @Arivaltravel, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The Colorado Chautauqua

Indulge in the highest form of art, charity, events, hospitality, hotel and resort experiences through The Colorado Chautauqua. Engage with them on @colo_chautauqua, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Access Marketing & Events

Leading innovators in advertising, events, and marketing, Access Marketing & Events is your ultimate partner to success. Stay connected via Facebook and LinkedIn.

BizWest Media

BizWest Media enriches the advertising, events, internet, marketing, news, and publishing space with its vibrant and interactive platform. Stay abreast of their updates on @bizwestmedia, Facebook and LinkedIn.

These companies continue to bolster Boulder’s event scene, ensuring the iconic city retains its position as a choice destination for breathtaking, unforgettable, and resourceful events.

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