Digital Marketing Innovators: Spotlight on Las Condes-based Enterprises

February 7, 2024
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Digital Marketing located at Las Condes, Region Metropolitana, Chile. This region boasts a diverse range of companies operating within the increasingly pivotal Digital Marketing industry. Each company in this thriving hub offers unique perspectives and solutions that resonate with various lifestyle and business requirements. Located in diverse physical and digital territories, they share one ever-present commonality: the quest to excel in the complex landscape of digital marketing. Let’s delve into the profiles of these innovative companies.

With unique selling points and dynamic entrepreneurial teams, these companies stand out in the digital marketing realm. Each company showcases its distinctive approach, providing a comprehensive outlook on how various businesses operate. From consumer-centric e-commerce platforms to niche real estate investment firms, Las Condes houses it all. The companies range from e-commerce specialists such as Ecomsur to real estate investment savants like Brokers Digitales.

This article aims to highlight some of the remarkable companies in Las Condes who are ceaselessly revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape. By leveraging modern technology and innovative strategies, these companies are shaping the future of digital marketing. Now, it’s time to meet them individually and learn more about their unique characteristics.


Founded in 2011 by Mario Miranda, Ecomsur focuses on implementing eCommerce channels successfully by providing transactional portal operations. Ecomsur is a well-known specialist within the digital marketing industry.

Brokers Digitales

Brokers Digitales, residing within the exciting intersection of real estate investment and digital marketing, offer innovative solutions. Their unique services help users learn to invest in apartments effectively and turn them into a profit.

Norte Digital

Alberto Quiroga Cerda is the founder of Norte Digital, a company excelling in various areas such as advertising, e-commerce, and lead generation.

Nexbu Chile

Nexbu Chile, a prominent player in the e-commerce, e-learning, and digital marketing spectrum, is centrally located in Las Condes, offering enriched internet services.

Agencia York

Agencia York, an advertising agency with its interests in digital marketing and web design, provide industry-leading solutions with creativity at the core of its operations.

DKS Digital

DKS Digital offers unique mobile technology solutions and specialises in advertising and digital marketing. The company is well-known for its dedication to improving client endeavors via diverse mobile formats.


Laura, a leading light in advertising and digital consulting, was founded by Isaias Gonzalez Diban. With a passion for web design, the company thrives at the intersection of creativity and technology.


Haciendola excels in providing specialized solutions in digital marketing, e-commerce, and web design.


At Out, beautiful web designs and efficient web development meet digital marketing, creating a unique blend of services


CyberCenter renders amazing services in web design and web development, adding their touch in digital marketing. The company prides itself on its expertise in advertising and information technology.


LatteMedia, a consulting firm, offers a wide range of services including digital marketing, e-commerce, and management consulting. They provide diverse and innovative solutions to businesses in need.

Immerse yourself in the digital marketing waves of Las Condes, where companies seamlessly integrate different industries, highlighting the power of digital transformations. These companies inspire and engage, proving that Las Condes is indeed an exciting hub for digital marketing mastery. The sky is the limit when we talk about the Digital Marketing industry in this region!

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