Common Hot Tub Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

Common Hot Tub Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

November 19, 2021
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Now that the cold season is upon us, you may be using your hot tub more often to warm up after a dreary, stressful day. The key to keeping your tub in shape for years to come is regular maintenance at least once a week. If you notice anything that doesn’t look right during your routine maintenance, don’t fear. We’ve got a handy list of common hot tub problems—and how to troubleshoot them.

Clogged Filter

Do you notice any dust or oils floating on the surface of the water? Your tub’s filter is supposed to take care of those. The filter is also a key component in keeping your jets flowing! If they’re not as strong as they usually are, or if they’re sputtering, check out the filter. It needs to be replaced outright once a year, or more if it’s torn or damaged. If it’s just dirty, hose it down to get rid of the excess gunk and put it back in.

Heat Inconsistency

Is your tub too hot, too cold, or a roller coaster of both? Your tub’s heating element may be damaged. Just like with a car, hot tub parts have a limited lifespan and need to be replaced every so often. When you install your new heating element, take extra care to balance the water once or twice a week. Consistently low pH levels can damage the heater over time.

Calcium Buildup

Without regular balancing, your tub’s water can develop high levels of calcium, which affects the general well-being of your tub. If your jets are clogged, check to see what’s clogging them; calcium tends to build-up on metal components and can get inside your jets and pump. Excess calcium hardness can also lead to scaly deposits on the walls and seats of your tub. To balance those hardness levels, add a water softener during your weekly maintenance. In the meantime, scrub the buildup off your walls and out of your jets.

Sputtering Pump

Is your pump louder than usual? Is it making noises you don’t recognize? Often, those noises come from the bearings in the motor going out. That’s not the case all the time, though—use a multimeter to double-check whether the pump is receiving power. If it is, then the pump isn’t the problem. If it’s not receiving power, it’s time to replace the pump. No hot tub component lasts forever! Keep your tub running smoothly for years to come by replacing parts that no longer work.

To keep your hot tub in luxurious shape for everyday soaking, balance the water and give it a thorough inspection once a week. If you’re running into problems, the fixes are often as easy as replacing or cleaning out a part. Keep in mind these common hot tub problems and how to troubleshoot them every time you give it a once-over!

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