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Choose From The 6 Best Luxury Brands Purses

October 20, 2020
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Every season, new handbag trends make their way into the street style world, and each season, we eagerly scout said accessories. Right now, it’s the super-tiny purses that seem too small to hold even a tube omonf lipstick and those incredibly unique styles sure to liven up your look in an instant that are reigning supreme. They’re fashion-forward and have a serious street style star backing. Sometimes, though, it’s the classic designer handbags you simply can’t say no to because they are just that—classic.

If you’re unsure about which luxury piece to splurge on, consider turning to the most popular designer bags ever. It’s no easy feat to earn such a title, and though many come attached with a pretty big price tag, they’re worth the splurge and deserve a spot in your collection.

What is a Luxury Brands Purse?

Luxury design is more than just a pretty face: Learn about handbag design and production.

These days, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a designer purse, but it always helps to know what you’re looking for. From the brands you’ve known and loved for generations to those just starting to make a name for themselves, these are the handbag brands that set the bar high.

Just like fashion, handbags are constantly evolving, and that’s exactly what’s happened among the world’s most-loved luxury designers. To be sure you’re on top of the industry-defining and ever-evolving world of stylish purses, here’s everything you want to know about luxury handbags:

What Features To Look for in Luxury Brands Purses?

Everyone who’s in the know will tell you the same thing—the best designer handbags win high praise for their classic style and timeless appeal. Still, there are other things worth noting, including the kinds of materials used, intricate details, unique hardware, and those colors that you’d be wearing even if they weren’t on your handbag.

It’s All in the Details

It’s worth getting the details right when you’re shelling out the big bucks for a luxury purse, so it’s worth considering the subtle details that define a great bag. Whether it’s a signature turnlock or just an extra-deep opening, the designer details that draw the eye and make the hands-off inspection worth it are the details you’ll find on these luxury designer bags.

Soft Handbags

Have you ever carried a handbag made out of a stiff material? It’s not the most comfortable feeling around your shoulder! Purses like the Chloe Shulman tote are just the right size, and made of soft, supple leather that feels great on your shoulder, and adds that little extra something to your outfit.

Classy Handbags

Make sure your designer purse is high-quality and comfortable to use, and you’ll know you’re carrying a real designer bag.

Front Pocket

triangle shaped. Don’t assume a bag is structured because it has a frame in a triangle shape.

Square designer purses will fit a large tablet. These designer purses will hold your essentials like your wallet, phone, keys, laptop or even groceries.

Large designer purses will fit a laptop. These purses will have a nice amount of space to store a laptop, charger, business cards, and extra documents.

Extra large designer purses will fit all of your essentials and then some. These purses are large enough to fit your laptop, phone, all your daily essentials and little souvenirs you pick up on your trip.

You don’t want to show you have a lot of money on you. Be sure to buy a neutral coloured designer purse. Make sure you spend your money wisely.

When shopping for designer purses, there are several things you need to keep in mind to make sure you don’t lose money through the guarantee.

You should only shop for designer handbags at reliable locations. Bad products tend to be sold at bad locations.

Always check the guarantee policy of each store before you buy a purse there.

If you buy a designer handbag without a guarantee, check out resale shops and thrift sales. There are several good purses there, but they are not guaranteed.

Buying A Traveling Handbag

In this article, we have gathered, the best traveling handbags you will always need to bring when traveling with friends of family members.

If you are traveling with women, we guarantee they carry a lot more items than just their fashion and stuff. They like to carry on their purse with everything what they think they might need it with them, even to the destination. Some people think women are exaggerating about it, yet it is true, they keep everything with them. This is a hard to find right bag for them that fits everything inside, and will not get their shoulder tired.

To men, they always look for a small and lightweight bag that they like to carry-on and put it inside their backpacks.

Women- Traveling Handbags for Fashion

If you want a soft touch with a beautiful feminine touch, there are a lot of spacious bags you can choose from. They usually have different compartments and not just one huge compartment. The bags have shoulder straps that are easy to fix and made of tiny holes to breath. These purses are designed to be carried in the shoulder. The designs can be light or dark in color. They have a lot of colors to choose from, and are very affordable in price.

If you are looking for a large bag to carry a lot of essentials, then you should go for the Folsom backpack purse. This is a great bag to choose from. It has two different compartments which are secured with straps that can be tightened or even loosened whenever the user wants to. It has a lot of space to put around your belongings, and the straps are light and soft enough so you can carry it with ease.

For those who want something completely feminine and cute, the Kate Spade handbags are the one to go for. This bag is very chic, and the design will not be out of style anytime soon, which means it can be used for years to come. The handle loops are also a good plus for everyday use.



This product was recommended by Megan Peterson from VESTIRSI

VESTIRSI is the luxury Italian leather handbag line gracing wardrobes around the world. The bags within this label are made in the same suburb as Prada and Gucci. What you won’t find they share is the hefty price tag. Each piece retails for under $300.


This product was recommended by Allyson from Allyson Road

Coach has been around for a long time, since 1941, and has changed over the years, using different materials, styles, and colors, but one thing that has not changed is that Coach offers high quality purses at affordable prices. My very first designer purse was a Coach purse, and despite being often-used and well-loved over the years, it remains in good shape and usable today, attesting to the quality of Coach purses. As I said, Coach has changed, but even purses that I bought more recently are lasting and are very durable. Coach also offers a year warranty on purses, which is something that has always assured me of the brand’s quality.

In terms of being affordable, most Coach purses are under $500, which is very affordable for the high-quality materials and craftsmanship that goes into making them. The brand has a wide variety of styles, from simple, everyday classics to trendy new designs, and I have always looked to this brand for both types of purses. I love that whenever I need to find a staple like a classic tote or cross-body bag, I know exactly where to look and I know that Coach will have timeless styles in neutral colors and some new colors too.

Coach is also particularly good a crafting functional purses; their totes and wallets are great because they usually have all the compartments that one would need to store belongings. Purses feature many zipped compartments inside and wallets have just the right amount of card slots and coin compartments to fulfill carriers’ needs.


This product was recommended by Kukuvaya

This bag is handmade by an Architect. Best quality cork fabric and finest Italian leather. A stylish, functional and durable bag that can be used as a backpack, handbag or tote according to your needs or the occasion. It transforms by pulling the mountaineering cord into the various shapes.

Bottega Veneta

This product was recommended by Meg Marrs from Safer Senior Care

A purse is an investment that can last a lifetime. Bottega Veneta is synonymous with Italian Craftsmanship and luxury using the highest quality of leather. The finishing is flawless and makes any outfit appear both expensive and chic.


This product was recommended by Lana Blanc from The Blanc House

Stalvey is the epitome of luxury and their recent launch of the Gold Crocodile Skin Handbag has made them the first brand in history to embed 24kt gold into exotic skins. A process that took them over two years to develop and involved a partnership with an aeronautic technology laboratory.


This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from AutoInsurance

Ferragamo purses are crafted in Italy using only the finest leather and the most skilled craftsmen. Their designs are sophisticated and elegant and range from traditional to modern, so you’re sure to find a purse to fit your style. Ferragamo handbags add class to any outfit, and they’re made to last.

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