Causes of Sinking Concrete and How To Fix It

Causes of Sinking Concrete and How To Fix It

July 7, 2022
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Sinking concrete can affect your home’s driveways, sidewalks, and even its foundation. Uneven foundation and footing lead to hazards around your home. Learn how to identify the root causes of sinking concrete so that you can fix them quickly and efficiently.

Lack of Support

The base cause of sinking concrete is uneven support. A lack of support on one section of the concrete will cause pieces to slowly sink and separate from the rest of the slab. This will result in cracks, crumbling, and sunken concrete. The lack of support is usually due to uneven soil distribution beneath the concrete.

Type of Soil

Some types of soil have better load-bearing capacities than others. Soil that contains high volumes of clay, sand, and silt will expand and shrink based on the amount of moisture in the soil. This can also impact the evenness of the concrete slab resting on it. Additionally, the age of the soil can also play a role in concrete sinkage. For example, soil that builders have recently spread or shifted will become more compact over time compared to native soil that has been resting for years.

Soil Problems

Soil issues that may lead to concrete sinkage include soil erosion, shrinkage, and compaction. These various issues all lead to uneven support beneath the concrete slab, which causes certain parts to buckle and sink. Erosion is a common issue for many homes located in wet climates that experience lots of rain and floods. It’s crucial to understand which soil-based issues might be impacting your concrete quality to know how to best approach restoration.

How To Fix Sinking Concrete

Once you have identified the issues surrounding your concrete sinkage, you can choose the best way to level your slab once more. There are several options for restoring concrete slabs, but one of the most effective methods is using an expanding foam mixture. Concrete lifting foam is different from other types of spray foam in that it’s stronger and more durable to support heavy concrete. Consider finding a local spray contractor who can provide a quote for your spray foam jacking project.

Sinking concrete will only worsen over time, so it’s best to identify and address the issues as quickly as possible. Remember these causes of sinking concrete and how to fix them if you encounter driveway or foundation problems around your home.

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