Calm and Repose: Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom for Your Home

Calm and Repose: Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom for Your Home

April 27, 2020
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If you’re missing the comfort and relaxation of your favorite spa, then it’s time to bring the spa to you. It’s the perfect time to transform your home into the haven of your dreams, and a great place to start is the bathroom. Whether you’re updating the master or want to bring these tips into the other bathrooms in the home, take a look at some of these luxurious tips for creating a spa-like bathroom for your home. From heated floors and jacuzzi tubs to upgrading wall color and hardware, it’ll be like you never even left the spa.

Heat Up the Floors

You’ll appreciate heated floors in the middle of winter and even after showers in the summer. Heated floors provide additional luxury and comfort to the room—the bathroom may turn into the favorite room in the house. Pick out the flooring that you want, from tile to hardwood, and this space will act as a personal sanctuary from the chill of the outdoor world.

Update Your Tub and Shower

If you really want to create a spa-like bathroom for your home, then you need to think about your tub and shower. If you don’t have the space for a luxurious tub, then make the most of it with a shower head that has multiple settings and a simple design. Make sure to choose a head that fits your needs—whether it’s a waterfall shower or a high-pressure option. If you do have the space for a tub, ensure that it oozes comfort and relaxation.

Choose Calm Colors

The colors of the bathroom also play a role in whether or not you feel like you’re stepping into a spa. If you choose vibrant shades, you’ll miss the mark on the spa ideal. Choose neutrals—white, brown, possibly deep navy, and go from there. You want the room to present a uniform look. Make sure to follow proper bathroom painting tips so that it looks professional, even, and simple.

Add in Some Nature

Most spas make the most of nature. Do the same with your bathroom and transform it into its own little rainforest. Hang potted plants from the ceiling, keep flowers by the windows, or whatever suits your fancy. Just be sure to choose plants that don’t require as much work, because it’s not super peaceful walking into a room with dead plants.

Mix in Calming Scents

You may be wary to mix in any scents into the bathroom, but it’s a surefire way to provide a more spa-like experience. You can choose essential oil diffusers with a constant scent, or ensure that candles are in the cabinets for when you need a nighttime bath and wind-down. Scents like lavender, eucalyptus, bergamot, and other botanical fragrances are definite ways to bring the spa to your bathroom.

Choose Luxury

Our last tip is about the small things in the bathroom. Your towels, your rugs, even the type of lightbulbs you use will either add to the overall luxury or be the bathroom’s downfall. Choose plush, large towels, comfortable and soft rugs, and various lighting options for the mood you want to set. The more you think about the small things, the more authentic your spa bathroom will feel.

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