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Brave Star Selvage Jeans: Unveiling American Denim Craftsmanship

September 9, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Brave Star Selvage is an American-based company, contributing to the revival of American selvage denim.
  • The 21.5 OZ jeans, though sourced from Japanese denim due to their unique thickness, are crafted predominantly in the US, embodying a balance of international fabric sourcing and local manufacturing.
  • Despite their simple design, these jeans offer a surprisingly quick fade and robust durability, making them an exceptional value proposition in the selvage denim market.

Brave Star Selvage: Resurrecting American Denim Culture

Founded in 2005, Brave Star Selvage, an LA-based denim company, has earned its spot in the American denim landscape, not just for its use of home-grown materials and manufacturing processes, but also for its price. The company’s mission revolves around the resurrection of US denim, reverting to the thick, durable selvage jeans that dominated the market until the mid-20th century.

Brave Star’s 21.5 OZ Jeans: A Deep Dive into Denim Craftsmanship

When it comes to Brave Star’s 21.5 OZ jeans, the devil is truly in the details. Offering an exceptional thickness, twice that of average Levi’s, these jeans are crafted without elastane or spandex, instead boasting a slow stretch that personalizes to the wearer’s shape over time.

Denim Quality and Texture

This particular pair is darker than some of Brave Star’s other offerings and is made with a left hand twill weave and saturated, rope-dyed indigo yarn. It has a smooth appearance, avoiding the rough and slubby texture found in many Japanese denims. This could be seen as a refreshing change for those wanting sturdy, fade-friendly denim without the distracting slub, nep, and knots. One notable feature is their surprisingly quick fade, attributed to the left hand twill, which fades faster and has a softer feel than the industry-standard right-hand twill.

Design Details

The design remains relatively basic, allowing the quality of the denim to be the star of the show. The jeans feature a red-orange thread giving them a classic Americana look, and a large natural cowhide waist patch, stamped and cut in Los Angeles. The most distinguishing design aspect is the trademark star on the right pocket. While it’s a subtle touch, it adds a dash of personality to these otherwise simple jeans.

Fit and Comfort

Regarding the fit, Brave Star offers five options: Skeleton Skinny, Slim Taper, Regular Taper, Slim Straight, and True Straight. However, some may find the lack of fit variety, such as a relaxed taper, loose fit, or high rise, limiting. The jeans under review, a 32-inch pair, measures 34.5 inches according to Brave Star’s sizing chart, expanding to 35.5 inches after approximately nine months of wear.

Pricing: High Quality at an Unbeatable Price

Possibly the biggest surprise with Brave Star’s jeans is their price. Retailing at just $128, these jeans provide an unrivaled value in the selvage market, especially considering their 21.5-ounce thickness. Comparable jeans often sell for over $300. Even lighter versions from Brave Star, such as the 12, 13.5, and 15oz jeans, retail for under $100, further emphasizing the brand’s commitment to affordability.

Brave Star Selvage: Balancing Pros and Cons

In evaluating the Brave Star 21.5 OZ jeans, it’s crucial to weigh the advantages against the potential drawbacks. On the plus side, these jeans provide excellent value for money, feature a straightforward design, fade relatively quickly, and contribute to the resurgence of American-made denim.

However, some potential downsides include the perceived discomfort due to the jeans’ 21.5oz thickness, the sourcing of the denim from Japan rather than the US, a relatively limited fabric variety, and a narrow range of fits.

Final Thoughts

Brave Star Selvage is not merely selling jeans; it’s promoting the resurrection of American denim. The company’s commitment to crafting robust, quality jeans at an affordable price is evident in its 21.5 OZ offering. Though not without its limitations, this jean is well worth considering for any denim enthusiast, especially those who value American craftsmanship and are on the lookout for a pair that fades quickly.

Through this brave star selvage review, we see how the company is succeeding in its mission of re-popularizing American selvage, serving their base effectively, and keeping the spirit of American denim alive.

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