Brand Marketing Pioneers Based in Albuquerque: Spotlight on Levi Keswick

February 6, 2024
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Located in the heart of the American Southwest, Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a hub for pioneering companies in various industries. Known for its vibrant culture and innovative spirit, Albuquerque is home to numerous firms influencing the world of Brand Marketing in incredible ways. From customer acquisitions to digital media and web design, these Albuquerque-based companies are leading significant changes in brand marketing and making lasting impacts on local and global scales.

Distinguished for exceptional client service, innovative business strategies, and alliances, these companies have gained widespread recognition in their industries and beyond. Whether it’s creating compelling content for advertising campaigns, managing customer relationships, or shaping public perceptions, these Brand Marketing companies are setting the tone for industry trends.

Leveraging the city’s diverse business landscape, these Albuquerque-based firms are consistently setting high standards for excellence in their respective fields. Brimming with creativity and unique perspectives, the following companies are raising the bar when it comes to re-imagining traditional marketing strategies and paving the way for future innovation in Brand Marketing.

Motus Marketing

With a focus on customer acquisitions and relationship-building, Motus Marketing equips their clients with effective brand management strategies. Fostering connections between advertising and customer relationships, they have made a notable impact in the retail marketing world. Keep up with their strides on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Rose Marketing

Rose Marketing Group, Inc. is renowned for its expertly crafted retail TV and radio productions. Servicing a varied list of industries, they continue to push boundaries in the world of marketing. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


MediaDesk stands as a beacon at the intersection of brand marketing and public relations, offering a wide array of services. Follow their progress on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Joy of Advertising

The Joy of Advertising, a stellar name in advertising and retail marketing, continuously innovates. Keep an eye on their latest projects through their Facebook page.

People Ink

Founded by Ann Rhoades, People Ink breaks the mold in brand marketing and human resources. You can stay updated with their achievements on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. offers a unique social media syndication platform, allowing for wider content dissemination. Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Textualist amplifies brand messages through ‘brand journalism.’ Servicing a diverse client base, the company focuses on delivering engaging content. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Electric Astronaut

Electric Astronaut offers innovative web design and marketing solutions, providing custom web solutions for businesses of all sizes. Keep track of their journey on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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