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Best High End Kitchen Faucets – Expert Recommendations

September 26, 2021
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This article showcases our top picks for the Best High End Kitchen Faucets. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Modern Spiral Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

This product was recommended by Timothy Woods from Carnivore Style

The best high-end kitchen faucet is the Kingston Brass Modern Spiral Pull-Down you can get at Target. It looks great, elevates your kitchen atmosphere and is very functional.

Arbor Touchless Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

This product was recommended by Andrew Ervin from Maxsin Investment Group

The best kitchen faucet hands down ! It’s installed in my personal home and I install it in all my high end house flipping projects. I just love it … I love that the lower sensor is only on while it senses motion where the upper one stays on until you either turn it off by waving again or the 2 minute safety feature kicks in … the lower sensor takes a bit of getting used to but once figured out I was totally thrilled with this faucet … the lower sensor is great for rinsing dishes as you wash them. Even the design of the faucet is Awesome.

PUR PFM100B Faucet Water Filtration System

This product was recommended by Carolyn Timbers from Kitchen Gadgets Maven

One of the best faucets in the market that has a very low upfront and ongoing cost. It has a one-step installation process, meaning it is easy to attach and no tools are required. Moreover, it reduces over 70 chemical and physical contaminants in the water. Finally, this brand is one of the top brands in faucet filtration!

AguaStella Kitchen Faucet

This product was recommended by Loren Quimbo from Kitchen-Science

It is necessary to have a heavy-duty and durable faucet when working in the kitchen. The AguaStella Model AS94ORB offers the convenience of having an easy pull-out handle and sprayer, making it the perfect kitchen faucet for multitasking cooks who want a hassle-free wash and quick access to the faucet. This provides smooth control with its retractor. It is perfect for those who are active in the kitchen. As this is from AguaStella, a well-known brand specifically made for kitchen faucets, buyers are guaranteed to receive quality as their products are made of premium brass with a coated finish.

Moen S73104 Weymouth One-Handle Spring Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

This product was recommended by Heloise Blause from Home Kitchen Land

This has all the functions you can dream of, a high-power boost button with excellent pressure from the spay head for those dirty pots and pans. Easily moved in and out of the sink, the horizontal bar keeps the head in place. This gorgeous faucet works wonderfully and with a lifetime warranty guarantee, Moen has mastered the art of creating a stunning kitchen centerpiece.

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

This product was recommended by Abby from Baby Items

Sleek Design—Tulip kitchen faucet design make your kitchen room simple and fresh,easy to match most sink. Multifunctional Outlet Water Effect—3 way spray setting(STREAM,SPRAY,PAUSE),stream for filling water, spray for rinsing, pause for avoiding splashing in multitask mode. Easy to Install—Pull down hose and water Line hose altogether preinstalled in kitchen faucet to save much time under the sink,no require plumber,finish DIY installation less than 30 minutes. Easy to Operate—Single handle control water temperature and flow volume easily,high arc 360 degree swivel spout supply full range washing access, sprayer head always retract back to spout after each use. Easy to Maintenance—Superior corrosion & rust-resistant finish prevent dirty from sticking to faucet surface, clean faucet by cloth is enough in Daily Use.

MASO High-end Folding Faucet

This product was recommended by Abby from Baby Items

MASO cold and hot water faucet is pure brass, heavy-duty and last long time.. All made of brass, chrome finish, salt spray test up to 10 degrees Separate control valve for cold water, convenient and easy. Faucet installation holecut diameter: 22mm or 0.87 inch.The faucet is good for marine boat yacht camping RV caravan use.

U By Moen Smart Faucet™ In Nio™

This product was recommended by Hannah Gregorio from Eco Peanut

The U By Moen Smart Faucet™ In Nio™ is one of the best high-end kitchen faucets that you can grab in the market today. At first glance, it looks like a regular faucet, but you’ll be surprised by how much tech it has. You don’t have to lift a single finger to turn the tap on or off – you can command it via voice control. You simply connect it with Alexa or Google Assistant and you can enjoy hands-free faucet control right out of the bat. What makes it even better than other smart faucets is its precise measurement. No need for a measuring cup or spoon. It gives the exact water in ounces, cups, liters, etc right from the tap. You can even set the temperature to exactly what you need. At almost $1000, it’s not the most wallet-friendly choice for most households, but it’s something worth considering, especially if you value convenience.

Kohler K-22973-CP Crue Kitchen Sink Faucet

This product was recommended by Arpit Gupta from Sprout And Press

The Kohler Crue Single Handle Pre Rinse Kitchen Faucet is a high-end faucet that adds style and convenience to your kitchen. The Kohler Crue has three different modes that are particularly catered to accomplish a need. The ring spray and sweep spray is designed with the sole purpose of cleaning dishes and sink. The boost technology increases the water pressure by more than 30%, decreasing the time to fill vessels. The various colour finishings gives the users a wide variety that compliments their kitchens. The brass and matte black are unique skins that aren’t available in different product lines. The metal docking systems secure the shower when not in use. The detachable hose makes it easy to clean, the spray head is easy to use and soundproof. The Kohler Crue Single Handle Pre Rinse Kitchen Faucet is a perfect high-end faucet that provides all new features.

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