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Best High End Jewelry Brands – Expert Recommendations

November 17, 2021
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This article showcases our top picks for the Best High End Jewelry Brands. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Maria Glezelli, Contemporary Fine Jewellery

This product was recommended by Alexandra Efthymiou from N/A

True luxury is about quality, innovation and the hand making process. If you are looking for a high – end, slow made piece of jewellery then Maria Glezelli Jewellery is going to impress you. Maria is an emerging designer who personally makes every single piece out of a precious wire to keep traditional knitting techniques alive. The amount of work she spends for each, is insane. Every time I wear her jewellery I remember my grandmother who used to knit and that makes me feel closer to my home and origins.

Nyssa Jewellery

This product was recommended by Ashley McCormick from RAGDOLL PR

An ethical fine jewellery line that’s attainable for everyone. Featuring an array of dainty pieces, their collection of fine jewellery makes you feel as good as it looks. Nyssa’s goal is to bring customers pieces that are 100% traceable from mine to jewellery box. All of their creative processes are done in-house bringing fresh and original designs that often feature solid gold and precious stones.


This product was recommended by Ashley McCormick from RAGDOLL PR

Sustainable and chic accessory line MLE integrates the artistry of old-world techniques with modern designs and contemporary subject matters. They have a range of hair pieces, jewelry, and other fun body pieces. Recurring themes within the MLE brand reference female empowerment and sustainability, with signature pops of color and bold details to create statement pieces.


This product was recommended by Tom Johnson from Chicago, IL

They’re called Adorn and they offer jewelry you can rent. Their stuff is fantastic and they make the process of renting, delivering, and returning really straightforward—great for weddings, formal parties, anniversaries, or any special occasion! Use ADORNDEAL to save 10% on everything!


This product was recommended by Pratibha Bhatt from iCubes

Jahda has a specialization in jewelry designs which it provides in a variety of colors, sizes, and karats. They provide brand-new solid, real, genuine gold products to their customers. The best part is that the quality of the product is guaranteed with the payment plans up to six months. Enjoy the before, during, and after customer service of product purchase.

Zefyr Jewels

This product was recommended by Dave Pedley from YourCub

Searching for something totally unique for a dear friend and eco-warrior, I came across this outfit online. In an age where sustainable materials and sources, ethical production methods and practices, this small company ticked all the boxes for my Green Princess. They even contribute to worthy causes related to women and children’s education and welfare in some of the far-flung regions they source their materials, like Laos and parts of India. In addition, each piece is unique, hand-made, one-of-a-kind – and totally gorgeous. Not cheap at all. But high end without any doubt!


This product was recommended by Miha Rolc from Capucinne

Capucinne’s handcrafted engagement rings tell a story as unique as the relationship they represent. Every gemstone radiates with superior clarity while remaining conflict free, and only recycled precious metals are used by their expert stonecutters and metalworkers. Whether you’re customizing a piece or selecting something already available, the spirit of individuality at the heart of Capucinne’s fine jewelry makes each ring a timeless and bespoke treasure you can cherish for years to come.

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