Beginner Fashion Tips for Outdoorsy Men

Beginner Fashion Tips for Outdoorsy Men

August 18, 2021
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Just because you love to spend time outdoors doesn’t mean you need to put your fashion sense on the backburner—some of the hottest outdoor men’s fashion trends give you the perfect opportunity to flaunt your fortune. No matter what activities you love doing, the end of summer is the best time to optimize your outdoor wardrobe.

With a fashion-forward attitude and a look into some of the best beginner fashion tips for outdoorsy men, you can maintain an air of elegance wherever you adventure, whether you’re up on the mountaintops or fishing with your best friends.

Choose Outerwear That Matches Your Aesthetic

Before you start buying fashionable outerwear to keep you warm during fall and winter activities, you must establish your personal style. This aesthetic will help others learn more about you just by looking at you—the clothes you wear reflect the traits that you want others to know. Mix this fashion sense in with this year’s outerwear trends for an iconic outward appearance everyone can appreciate.

Two outerwear aesthetics you can pursue include:

Real Leather Jackets for the Rugged Outdoorsman

Leather jackets aren’t just for bikers and stylish city dwellers—they’re also perfect for the rugged man who wants a natural outer layer. Authentic leather in neutral colors looks great as the top layer for flannel and natural-colored fabrics underneath. Don’t settle for a cheap imitation of a classic leather jacket; buy an authentic one for a true rustic, weathered aesthetic.

Brand Name Outerwear for Style and Function

Just like you would care about owning the top fashion brands in your everyday wardrobe, you should care about brand-name value for your outerwear as well. Purchasing from one of the top outdoor fashion brands ensures that you purchase comfort and quality—and not something that will last you for one season before falling to pieces.

Wear Loose, Layered, Neutral Clothing

If you’re dressing to impress outside, wearing plenty of layers is the best way to go. Wearing layers allows you to have the most flexibility with your outfit—if it’s cool, you can keep the layers on, but if it warms up you can take layers off.

Match the colors you wear with the colors in nature; wear neutral and natural colors for a classic appearance. Don’t forget to layer your accessories as well—an open jacket revealing a short, plaid scarf and your stylish clothes beneath will make you look photoshoot ready.

The Shoes Make the Man

As a final beginner fashion tip for outdoorsy men, make sure to put thought into your footwear. You don’t want to go out for a hike in your nicest shoes, but you also don’t want to wear grimy, dirty boots if you care about fashion. Instead, consider purchasing neutral-toned footwear to mask the messes that come with walking in the great outdoors. Whether you wear sneakers or boots, keep the health of your feet and back in mind—acquire the proper footwear for any activity you plan on doing outside.

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