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All Aboard Seinfeld’s Yacht: The Luxurious Voyage of ‘MOKA’

June 15, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Jerry Seinfeld’s yacht, MOKA, is an impressive expedition-style yacht designed by Sanlorenzo, featuring state-of-the-art amenities and eye-catching design elements.
  • With a capacity for autonomous cruising for up to three months, MOKA is built for long voyages.
  • The yacht is equipped with a vast array of entertainment facilities, including an ‘endless’ swimming pool and a myriad of water toys.
  • MOKA’s interior displays a contemporary style with a soothing colour scheme and natural lighting.

Seinfeld’s Yacht: A Sophisticated Sea Voyager

Crafted by renowned Italian shipbuilder Sanlorenzo, Jerry Seinfeld’s yacht, MOKA, is a prime example of a luxury expedition-style yacht. This 138-foot marine marvel, boasting a unique design by Francesco Paszkowski, is specifically tailored to traverse the world’s seas in varying weather conditions, giving Seinfeld and his guests the freedom to explore remote areas at their leisure.

MOKA’s astonishing features include her autonomy for extended cruising periods. Thanks to her expansive 13,209-gallon fuel tank and a pair of robust 1,300-hp Caterpillar C32 ACERT engines, MOKA can cruise over 4,000 nautical miles at 11 knots without refuelling, a testament to her capability for long, uninterrupted voyages.

Delight in MOKA’s Extraordinary Amenities

When it comes to entertainment and leisure, Seinfeld’s yacht doesn’t hold back. MOKA boasts a treasure trove of marine toys, including tenders, speedboats, and fishing boats, plus diving equipment for underwater adventures. However, the crown jewel of the yacht’s entertainment offerings is undoubtedly the ‘endless’ swimming pool. Enclosed in glass and situated on the spacious teak deck, this pool offers the ultimate luxury of a resort-like swimming experience in the middle of the ocean.

The exterior deck space, when cleared of marine toys, transforms into an elegant beach club. Guests can relax on the deck adorned with stylish outdoor furniture by Paola Lenti, bask in the sun, or indulge in refreshing drinks from the onboard bar. Add to this the indulgence of a sauna and a steam room just steps away, and it becomes apparent that MOKA is a floating paradise.

MOKA’s Interior: A Haven of Comfort and Elegance

Stepping inside MOKA, one is greeted by an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. The interior decor, featuring a soothing blend of light and dark hues, is meticulously tailored to the owner’s tastes. Dominated by beige and white, with strategic use of red and grey accents, the contemporary style interior exudes a calm and inviting ambiance. The main saloon is bathed in natural light, thanks to enormous side windows, and offers stunning views of the surrounding seascape.

The skylounge, adorned with bleached American oak, mahogany, and teak, offers a casual relaxation spot, perfectly reflecting the sporty, outdoor-loving persona of the owners. Adding a splash of colour and vitality are vividly coloured leather furnishings and captivating artwork sourced from various artists.

Delight in Culinary Excellence and Restful Slumber

Notably, Seinfeld’s yacht also features a professional-grade galley equipped with Italian company Boffi’s appliances. A mini herb garden ensures a supply of fresh herbs ideal for Italian cuisine, fulfilling the culinary needs for a three-month cruise.

MOKA’s accommodation facilities are nothing short of luxurious. The yacht houses five cabins, including the owner’s suite and four double cabins on the lower deck, all featuring the same understated decor for a seamless aesthetic. Customized bed linens by Ivano Redaelli add an exclusive touch.

To cater to the owners’ fitness needs, MOKA comes equipped with a gym on the lower deck, featuring breathtaking sea views and an additional endless pool. The fitness area is adorned with more curated artwork, further enhancing the yacht’s aesthetic appeal.

Embodying the Spirit of Adventure and Luxury

In essence, Seinfeld’s yacht MOKA is an epitome of luxury and adventure. As an expedition-style yacht customized to the owner’s tastes, she is the quintessential wanderer, fully equipped to satiate the owner’s love for sea voyages, discovery, and lavish comfort. Be it the extravagant amenities or the elegant design, MOKA embodies a lifestyle of opulence and exploration, setting a benchmark for future superyachts.

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