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6 Essential Reasons To Vaccinate Your Pet

November 2, 2022
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Nowadays, millions of people own pets, whether they are more common animals like cats and dogs or more unusual ones like koi fish, snakes, chameleons, and occasionally even tarantulas or alligators. But their health should be our first concern. Here are 6 very important reasons to vaccinate your beloved pet against once very dangerous, possibly fatal diseases that today can be comfortably prevented with very little cost. Their continued, uninterrupted health is vital not only for their well-being but also for your own and those around you, as well as for peace of mind knowing that your pet is strong and healthy.

Saving Their Lives

To be frank, animals, especially when they are still young, can contract any number of dangerous diseases, and the risk does not exactly lessen with the passing of time. If the puppies and kittens, for example, were not vaccinated before contracting the disease, chances are the beloved companions will die, and nobody wants that to happen. So contact the vet, and set a date for the inoculation. But make sure you know exactly what they are being inoculated against, and what the vaccine itself actually is, it never hurts to be a little extra cautious.

Prevention Is Better than a Later Cure

In numerous cases, many of these diseases can prove to be highly difficult, or tragically impossible to cure, so if the vaccine is safe, there is practically no reason not to prevent the disease from appearing in the first place. You will prevent them not only from catching a disease but also from transmitting the disease to other animals, thereby helping build herd immunity. Countless pets’ lives have already been saved, and many diseases that were previously fatal, such as parvovirus and distemper in our dogs, or leukemia in cats, are now entirely preventable tragedies.

Strengthen the Immune System

In addition to preventing diseases, effective, tested vaccines also help strengthen the immune systems of our little friends. Many diseases can be fought off naturally, but a good vaccine contains a tiny, inactive amount of virus, which gets studied by the immune system, and is used to make antibodies, specialized in fighting the disease. When your pet is later exposed to the actual virus, its immune system will rapidly recognize the problem and will respond immediately and effectively, as it’s now familiar with it and knows how to react.

Your Own Health Benefits

Several diseases which are commonly vaccinated against are zoonotic, which means that they can be transmitted to humans, most commonly through the infected animals’ bites. The rabies virus is probably the most well-known and dangerous example of this. What used to be a nightmare of a disease, incurable suffering followed by death, the inspiration behind many horror movie scenarios, like vampirism or zombies, is now barely a problem anymore because of well-tested, effective inoculations. Rabies is 100 percent fatal once symptoms appear, and an outbreak could be disastrous for both animals and humans, but it is no longer a threat.

Vaccines Can Extend Your Pet’s Life

Your pets may survive illnesses, but often suffer lifelong effects after recovery. In particular, young animals, puppies, kittens, etc., will often develop poorly, leading to weakness and pain. Pets with a history of chronic illnesses will often have weaker immune systems, which will in turn predispose them to additional medical complications. Inoculated pets typically enjoy good health, growing and thriving, and their positive early development will help build resilience against diseases as adults.

Cost-effective Pet Care

Inoculation is largely the cheapest veterinary care out there. Hospital and treatment bills for sick pets can quickly climb into the thousands, and may still not be enough to save them in the end. An entire lifetime of inoculations is far less costly and can help avoid all the sadness, devastation, and loss of having lost a pet to diseases that often could have been easily prevented. The examination for the vaccine can also help detect any other issues or warning signs for oncoming, maybe incurable diseases, including cancer, diabetes, etc. It gives the vet a chance to spot any of the warnings and quickly take action before any serious symptoms start to develop.

We love our little friends, and nowadays, when millions and millions of people enjoy the companionship of animals by their side, it is imperative to ensure that they enjoy good health and happy life, full of energy and joy. Proven to be effective, vaccinations can help immeasurably with this. Do not wait for tragedy to strike; be preemptive and take safety measures accordingly, and hopefully, you will enjoy the presence of your beloved pet for many more years.

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