5 Things To Do When Visiting the Grand Canyon

5 Things To Do When Visiting the Grand Canyon

November 29, 2023
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The Grand Canyon has captured the hearts and imaginations of travelers for centuries. Offering unparalleled views and unique experiences, this majestic wonder is one destination luxury travelers can’t afford to miss. Here, you can read about five things to do when visiting the Grand Canyon to enjoy this wonder’s adventure and luxury.

Marvel at the Grand Canyon Skywalk

First on our list is the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass bridge extending over the canyon’s edge. One of the fun facts about the skywalk is that it gives you a crystal-clear look at the canyon beneath your feet, leaving you breathless.

Admire the Canyon From Above With a Helicopter Tour

For a more upscale experience, consider taking a helicopter tour that soars above and around the Grand Canyon. This unique perspective will grant you a bird’s-eye view of the majestic landscape in ultimate style.

Journey Into the Canyon on a Mule

For an immersive, truly unique experience, luxury travelers should consider embarking on a mule ride into the Grand Canyon. This activity hearkens back to traditional methods of canyon exploration and adds a touch of authenticity to your visit.

Guided by seasoned, knowledgeable wranglers, mule trips offer a distinctive perspective of the canyon’s breathtaking beauty. The journey will take you along historic trails and diverse ecosystems and offer unrivaled canyon views.

Feel the Spirit of Adventure on a Zip Line

Embrace adventure by taking a zip line ride when you visit the Grand Canyon. With professional, experienced guides, this thrilling activity allows you to travel 3,200 feet over the side of the canyon. You’ll feel the thrill of a lifetime and tremendous fun as you find yourself 500 feet in the air.

Take a Train Ride Into the Canyon

For a more leisurely approach to exploring the Grand Canyon, consider a luxurious train ride aboard the Grand Canyon Railway. This historic train hearkens back to the days of abundant rail travel as you travel through breathtaking landscapes. If you’re seeking the utmost luxury, consider booking the Luxury Parlor or Luxury Dome car for an unparalleled experience.

Complete your journey to the Grand Canyon with one of these tailored experiences for high-end travelers. It’s time to reserve those first-class tickets and embark on a truly memorable getaway to the Grand Canyon!

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