4 Styles of Wooden Doors and Their Advantages

4 Styles of Wooden Doors and Their Advantages

March 22, 2023
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In a world of frequent interior alterations, perhaps the exterior requires some attention. Changing the front door of the house is a great place to start! If you need inspiration for luxurious wooden front door styles, continue reading to learn about their advantages.

French Doors

It’s like a scene from your favorite movie. Wooden French doors ensure you make a statement every time you enter your home.

Alongside their beauty, French doors can help reduce energy bills because they are energy efficient. Furthermore, they are very easy to maintain while adding value to the home.

French doors are incredibly versatile—add detailed glass elements or intricate wood designs to make them really stand out. Perhaps you want frosted glass to create mystery or clear glass to let the light in? You’ll adore installing French doors that you can enjoy from both the interior and exterior of the home.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors mimic the types of doors you see in stables. While that may seem wildly unappealing, there’s a historical elegance to having a Dutch entry door.

The top of the door can swing open separately from the bottom. One of the things you must know about Dutch doors is that they’re great for people with young children or pets! When you want to let in sunlight or feel a cool spring breeze, you can open the top half of the door without fear your little ones will run outside unattended.

Round-Top Doors

Round-top doors establish a luxurious rustic appearance. The mixture of solid wood, glass, and iron will complete the exterior of the home.

One of the biggest advantages of this wooden door style is the architectural design. It adds instant and captivating appeal.

Many customizations are available, and they’ll come at a higher price; however, intricate customization isn’t necessary with the natural beauty these doors provide. The unique shape of round-top doors will easily produce the luxurious design you seek.

Paneled Doors

Carved panels on wooden doors add modernity to the classic, natural material. While it may not be as detailed as the other styles listed above, it’s a style you should still consider!

Paneled doors typically use six panels to create a vertical pattern and classic lines. Manufacturers changed the design to a horizontal panel pattern of four, five, or six panels for a more modern look.

One of this entry door style’s greatest advantages is its availability in a wide range of wood species and stains. You can choose from cherry and hickory to mahogany and maple to create your ideal paneled door style and achieve your desired aesthetic.

Whether you’re searching for a modern, traditional, or antique appearance, this list will help you find the perfect entry door style your home needs.

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