3 Tips for Reducing Fatigue When Riding a Motorcycle

3 Tips for Reducing Fatigue When Riding a Motorcycle

October 30, 2023
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Motorcycles look stunning, and they feel amazing to ride, but they can also be physically demanding. Long rides can often leave you feeling fatigued and sore, dampening the enjoyment of your journey. Fortunately, there are ways to combat fatigue during each ride. Improve your experience behind the handlebars today with these effective tips for reducing fatigue when riding a motorcycle.

Take More Breaks

One of the most effective ways to combat fatigue when riding a motorcycle is by taking breaks. It can be tempting to push through and ride for long stretches without stopping, especially if you’re on a tight schedule or trying to cover lots of miles in one day. However, taking a break will go a long way, especially during long trips.

Make it a point to stop every couple of hours or so, even if it’s just for a quick stretch and some water. This will allow your body to rest and prevent muscle strain or cramps. It’ll also give you a chance to rehydrate and refuel, which is crucial for maintaining energy levels.

Use a Quick Shifter

A quick shifter is a gear-shifting mechanism that allows you to change gears without using the clutch or rolling off the throttle. Manual shifting techniques can cause hand fatigue, so prioritize your hand comfort just as you would with your back or legs. Your whole body should feel supported during every ride.

Using a quick shifter eliminates the need to constantly use your left hand and foot to shift gears, which can be tiring over long rides. It also allows for smoother gear changes, resulting in a more comfortable and efficient ride. Make sure you understand the difference between quick shifters and clutchless shifting. They may sound similar, but they’re quite different. Optimize your handlebars so that you feel in control no matter where you’re riding.

Invest in Comfortable Gear

Wearing the right gear is essential for any motorcycle ride, but it becomes even more crucial when trying to reduce fatigue. Uncomfortable gear can cause distractions and discomfort, which contributes to fatigue. From your helmet to your gloves, everything should fit perfectly. Just like your bike must support your body, so must your safety gear.

Invest in gear that’s specifically for long rides, such as those with moisture-wicking properties or extra padding. Good quality riding boots can also help reduce foot fatigue. Additionally, consider adding a gel seat pad or cushion to your bike for added comfort. Get ready to use these tips for reducing fatigue when riding a motorcycle so that you can focus less on stress and more on the excitement of the road.

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