20 Best Podcasts About Luxury Watch 2021

May 14, 2021
10 mins read

Are you wanting to learn more about luxury watch? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best luxury watch podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us Levi Keswick (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Luxury Watch Podcasts 2021

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Fifth Wrist Radio

  • Publisher: Fifth Wrist
  • Total Episodes: 191

Fifth Wrist Radio brings you podcasts on luxury watches, watchmaking, horology and the watch industry. Presented by watchmakers and watch enthusiasts. We release multiple weekly episodes covering everything from vintage watches to horology in popular culture. Available on Google Podcasts, iTunes, Stitcher, & Spotify.

Keeping Time With Oster Watches

  • Publisher: Jeremy Oster
  • Total Episodes: 65

Keeping Time With Oster Watches is a podcast dedicated to enriching conversations about the luxury watch industry. Hosted by Jeremy Oster in Denver Colorado. Featuring guests from the top tiers of industry covering the latest trends, ideas, and products.

Casual Watch Talk

  • Publisher: The Casual Watch Reviewer
  • Total Episodes: 68

Welcome to Casual Watch Talk. A podcast from the creators of ‘Causal Watch Reviewes’ YouTube Channel. This Channel will cover the world of Horology and Watch collecting in AUDIO and Video on Youtube This Podcast is for watch collectors NEW and EXPERIENCED to find interesting and educational content on about Horology the hobby we love. My channel is all about teaching you about new and interesting watches both affordable watches and luxury. So if you’re a new watch collector getting into the hobby or a life long horology addict, you will find something of interest Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/casualwatchtalk/support

Talking Time With Tim

  • Publisher: Tim Mosso
  • Total Episodes: 18

Join Tim for an intimate one-on-one dialogue and experience. Talking Time With Tim is a deep dive into the world of horology. We will cover industry news, important market updates, and personal opinions from myself and colleagues. Episodes will publish weekly and be available on all major podcast outlets. We look forward to joining you daily and continuing our long standing mission of producing the highest quality luxury watch content available anywhere.

Speaking Style

  • Publisher: He Spoke Style
  • Total Episodes: 3

Speaking Style is a podcast brought to you by He Spoke Style–a leading online destination and resource for men’s style and lifestyle enthusiasts. Classic style, modern sensibility. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Join hosts Brian Sacawa and Justus Hansen (and occasional guests) for conversations about men’s style, menswear, watches, culture, design, luxury, advertising, and more.

5Ever Timepieces

  • Publisher: Cris DNeal
  • Total Episodes: 33

Information On The Luxury Watch Market. This Podcast Will Provide Consumers With Relative Investment Suggestions As Well As Information Regarding Luxury Watches.

Ace Jewelers Podcast

  • Publisher: Ace Jewelers
  • Total Episodes: 45

Ace Jewelers Podcast – Series: “The Art of Collecting Wristwatches” (One season in English) – Series: “The Ace List Live” (Two seasons in English) Ace Jewelers is a family owned and run company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This podcast has been created to share our passion about fine watchmaking, fine jewelry and diamonds. We design & manufacture diamond and fine jewelry in Amsterdam. And, we are authorized dealers for all brands listed on our website including luxury manufacturers like Omega, Tudor, Bulgari, Zenith, Ulysse Nardin, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Royal Asscher and many more.

The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain

  • Publisher: Loyal Books
  • Total Episodes: 20

A poor young boy from the slums of London watches a royal procession pass, with the youthful Prince of Wales riding at its head. He ventures too close and is caught and beaten by the Prince’s guards. However, the young royal stops them and invites the vagrant to the palace. Here the two boys sup alone and are stunned to discover that they bear a startling resemblance to each other. The Prince is Edward, long awaited heir of the monarch, Henry VIII, while the vagrant is Tom Canty, the son of a thief and a beggar. Edward is fascinated by the free and unfettered life that Tom leads, while Tom is overawed by the wealth and luxury of the palace. The boys decide to switch clothes. From here, adventure begins for both of them! First published in 1881, The Prince and The Pauper by Mark Twain is the famous American writer and humorist’s first foray into historical fiction. Set in the sixteenth century Tudor court of Henry VIII, the book is reputedly Mark Twain’s most carefully plotted novel. Great attention has been paid to setting, dialog and character. Early plot devices are carefully constructed to become invaluable features that carry the story along. Several real historical figures appear in the book. It is also a novel of contrasts. The two boys, born on exactly the same day, have completely different destinies. Before they meet, they each have dreams that are very different from their circumstances. Edward longs to be free to roam the streets at will, unhampered by court protocol and conventions. Tom yearns for security, comfort and the certainty of knowing where his next meal will come from. Twain also explores ideas of conventional wisdom that deem “Clothes Maketh a Man” which implies that appearances are everything. Being a voracious reader of history himself, Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens to give his real name) was able to use some of the material he had absorbed in The Prince and The Pauper. He faithfully renders Tudor English that he also displays in the other books Tom Sawyer and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. The thrilling climax of the novel, which takes place just days before Henry VIII’s death, and the coronation of the new king, is one that brings all the threads of this exciting tale together. The Prince and The Pauper has been widely adapted on screen, stage and television. Comics, animated versions, a Mickey Mouse version and many more have continued to explore this very interesting theme of switched identities. Disney films like Parent Trap, a Barbie version, a film version in Hindi, and several musical adaptations have kept this timeless classic alive.

Real Talk with Big Red

  • Publisher: Denise Petti
  • Total Episodes: 7

Everybody’s got that one thing they love. Is your ONE THING related to real estate? Do you binge-watch shows like ​Love it or List It and the Property Brothers? Do you not-so-secretly wish you could be on one of those shows? Maybe you find yourself mentally staging your neighbor’s home so you can sell it? Well… if you can relate, then you’re in good company. My name is Denise Petti… but my friends call me Big Red… and I’m a licensed REALTOR specializing in primary homes and luxury vacation properties across New Jersey and beyond. I’ve made it not only my job… ​I’ve made it my passion and my mission to connect people, places and dreams. In this podcast, I GET REAL about all things real estate. I’ll be joined by fellow real estate agents and industry experts as we dish about the whos, the whats, the wherefores and the how to’s around one of the most reliable and universal means for building wealth since the beginning of time. Even better, I’ll be taking your real estate questions, right here on the air. Phone lines are now open and ready to take YOUR real estate questions. The toll free phone number here in the studio is 844-5-BIG-RED so give me a call and ask me anything about real estate. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be featured on the show! Just to recap… If you love a good beachfront bargain hunt… If you can’t get enough of what this crazy (housing) market is doing… If you’re a sucker for a good story and you geek out over a great flip, then you’re definitely in the right place. Join me here each and every week as I, along with my guests, redefine real estate with real questions from real people just like you​. It’s time to kick back, get comfy and grab your favorite real estate app – cause I know you got one – and tune in every (Monday) for REAL TALK with Big Red.

The Bunker List

  • Publisher: Podcasts West and Podcasting Hub Australia
  • Total Episodes: 12

Welcome to The Bunker List. The Bunker List is a new topical podcast, where each week our guests open up about their favourite things. Imagine that you have to be evacuated into an emergency bunker for an extended period of time, what would you take with you and why? This bunker is well equipped. The bunker has off-grid water and electricity and is well stocked with food and water rations to last you 2 years. In addition, it has an aquaponic garden for fresh fish, fruit and vegetables. All medicine and toiletries are well-stocked. It has a gym to keep you physically fit, a large rumpus room to keep you entertained, and a battery-powered radio to listen out for emergency broadcasts. All immediate family members and pets will be joining you inside the bunker. What we would like to know is: which 5 luxury items would you like to take with you, to keep you motivated and sane and why? These luxury items can be of sentimental value or for practical purposes. What are the stories behind each item? What is in it for the guests? A chance to show their vulnerability and human sides. The show promises value for the listener through good storytelling. Anything else do I need to prepare for? In addition to the five luxury items, the guests will be asked to share: Which TV series would you like to binge-watch over and over again in the bunker and why?Which Movie or Movie Boxset would you like to watch over and over again in the bunker and why?Which albums, audiobooks or podcasts would you like to listen to and why?Which three celebrities, living or dead would make your ideal bunker buddies?If you have to leave in a hurry, what item would you grab and why? We will also ask our guests where in the world is this bunker is located? Is it above ground, remote or underground?

The Home Owner Show

  • Publisher: SA Home Owner
  • Total Episodes: 28

The Home Owner Show Podcasts featuring interviews with guests from the monthly magazine, SA Home Owner. SA Home Owner is one of South Africa’s leading luxury home and decor magazines. The monthly magazine focuses on showcasing luxury houses across SA, as well as offering decor, trend-watching and lifestyle features, and expert comment on home-related topics. SA Home Owner is a magazine packed with expertise – based on over 20 years in the industry. Home & Decor

The Bob’s Watches Podcast

  • Publisher: Bob’s Watches
  • Total Episodes: 1

The Bob’s Watches Podcast is a weekly broadcast series brought to you by Bob’s Watches – the world’s most trusted place to buy and sell Rolex watches. Every week, the Bob’s Watches team shares their thoughts on Rolex, luxury watches, industry news and everything in between. Lively, informative, and approachable conversations with industry experts and enthusiasts alike. Curious about the watches discussed on the show? Head on over to bobswatches.com to learn more!

Young Designer Challenge – 2008 [iPod/iPhone]

  • Publisher: The Property Podcasting Corporation
  • Total Episodes: 2

Take 6 luxury flats, add a budget of $14,500 each and offer interior designers from across Colorado the chance to enter the Young Designer Challenge – 2008. This brand new 6 part series from the Property Podcasting Corporation will follow the selection of the finalists, watch their designs evolve and witness the highs and lows as they try and bring those designs to life. But, the Young Designer Champion of 2008 will not be the only winner as proceeds from the sale of the flats will benefit the Kempe Foundation, an organization that “has been recognized as the world leader in child abuse treatment programs, and for over forty years, has been at the forefront in the fight against child abuse.” – www.kempe.org

Watch Ya Gonna Do About It

  • Publisher: Joseph Rana
  • Total Episodes: 1

Luxury Watch reviews for the Grail Collector

That Watch Guy London

  • Publisher: That Watch Guy London
  • Total Episodes: 10

A weekly podcast show about all things in the luxury watch world.

The Titanic ship

  • Publisher: Karla Morales
  • Total Episodes: 1

This is a true story about a luxury ship going dow in the Atlantic Ocean, for topics about this, watch the movie on Amazon prime called: The Titanic

Collecting Luxury and Vintage Watches Podcast with Lee Jackson America’s Finest Watchman

  • Publisher: Lee Jackson
  • Total Episodes: 20

Lee Jackson the man who started watches on TV more than 27 years ago, Talks about watch collecting, his passion for all types of watches. How to buy, restore, care for and collect fine vintage and luxury watches. A collector for 50 years, a dealer for 30 years and Authority on Collecting Watches shares his knowledge and excitement for watches. Crazy, Unpredictable and Fun, You won’t want to miss a minute of this show. If you love watches you’ll love listening to him. Buy Smart, Collect Smarter. Game On. Available on Anchor,Apple,Spotify,Google and many more. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lee-jackson93/support


  • Publisher: lucky
  • Total Episodes: 1

Want to know more about the watch before buy a watch or want to maintain your luxury watch? Here is it.

PG for Ladies in B Narayanapura Mahadevapura

  • Publisher: Metro Berry
  • Total Episodes: 2

Guys are you looking for a latest PG near Phoenix mall, VR Bengaluru, Whitefield, or ITPL? Why don’t you consider Mahadevapura location? Because Mahadevapura is very well-connected to outer ring road, Whitefield KR Puram railway station in Mahadevapura. Why don’t you look at sree Venkateshwara PG for ladies because it is an affordable luxury PG providing amenities like TV, washing machine storage, space, power backup, CCTV security, 24 hours water facility, and everyday housekeeping. Two Wheeler parking is also provided for you.Llast but not the least, we provide three times food during the weekdays, as well as non with food during the weekends. So if you are looking for a PG for ladies in Mahadevapura Naryanapura Sri Venkatshwara PG for ladies is the right choice. Please contact us at 955 317-1491 or 9986541691 Sri Venkateshwara PG for Ladies5A, opposite Brindavan Apartment, Kamadhenu Nagar, B Narayanapura, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560016https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24Ax81127nwhttps://sites.google.com/view/pg-for-ladies-in-mahadevapura/homehttps://goo.gl/maps/5gFZ95KMruEx5FmK6ChIJTXTCmP0RrjsRL3Tnn-lU-lA

ROX Magazine

  • Publisher: ROX – Diamonds & Thrills
  • Total Episodes: 6

ROX Magazine presents… an insight into the world of luxury watches, jewellery and more with interviews with industry leaders and celebrities. Discover intimate conversations as we bring together innovators and taste-makers to showcase of our favourite brands from the world of luxury, fashion, food and drink, motoring and sport. Taking cues from the ROX ethos of Diamonds & Thrills, ROX managing director Kyron Keogh explores everything from the future of luxury retail, the power of ambassadors when building a brand and what luxury really means in today’s digital world.

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