20 Best Podcasts About Luxury Home 2021

May 14, 2021
12 mins read

Are you wanting to learn more about luxury home? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best luxury home podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us Levi Keswick (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Luxury Home Podcasts 2021

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Estate of Mind, The Art of Selling Luxury Real Estate

  • Publisher: Institute for Luxury Home Marketing
  • Total Episodes: 18

Hi, we are the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing and welcome to our brand new podcast series called “Estate of Mind, The Art of Selling Luxury Real Estate.” We understand that becoming successful in the upper-tier real estate market can be complicated. All agents, no matter how experienced, face challenges in working with an affluent buyer or seller. Working with the institute will help you overcome these obstacles, whether they are real or perceived. Along the way, we’ll bring on guests that will help provide a unique insight into these challenges. Our goal is to share the knowledge and experience of our guests, successful real estate professionals, coaches, institute trainers, and other real estate experts working with high net worth individuals. So if you’re ready to be motivated, inspired and certainly learn more… Join us for “Estate of Mind, The Art of Selling Luxury Real Estate”.

Professor Slots

  • Publisher: Jon Friedl – Professor Slots
  • Total Episodes: 137

Jon Friedl from ProfessorSlots.com reveals all of his tips and tricks for thriving in the slot machine casino gambling environment. Discover how to assess casinos to pick the best near you, choose candidate slot machines by avoiding those with the worst odds, and learn to identify and focus on your gambling goals: being entertained, earning complimentary gifts, winning take-home cash, or by combining them. Jon won 90 taxable jackpots and a luxury automobile in 9 months of slots play.

Fork in the Road

  • Publisher: Krista Simmons
  • Total Episodes: 38

Fork in the Road explores the future of the food industry at a crossroads. Each week Krista Simmons (Conde Nast Traveler, Top Chef Masters, Modern Luxury) chats with tastemakers and thought leaders over cocktails, sharing inspiring stories and global ideas that you can bring into your own home. We’ll talk everything from growing edible gardens to mindful eating and regenerative farming, using the hospitality industry’s leading voices as our guides. So grab a glass and join us @forkintheroadmedia @kristasimmons on Instagram. Cheers!

This Luxury Life

  • Publisher: LuxuryProperty.com
  • Total Episodes: 27

What makes Dubai one of the world’s finest luxury destinations? This incredible city is home to restaurants helmed by Michelin-starred chefs, world-class entertainment events including concerts and sports tournaments, and just about every lifestyle attraction you can imagine. In this podcast, we sit down with some of the city’s most high-profile residents, from restaurateurs and jewelers to top names in the world of sport as they discuss their experiences in Dubai. Join us as we take a closer look at This Luxury Life.

Luxury Listing Specialist – Dominate High End Listings In Any Market

  • Publisher: Michael LaFido
  • Total Episodes: 145

Where top luxury agents reveal their best practices PLUS interviews with real estate industry influencers, thought leaders and luxury marketing experts, you’ll come away from each episode with new strategies and tactics to list and sell high-end homes in ANY market. Learn from top agents like Ben Bacal, Gary Gold, Patrick Lilly, Rochelle Maize, Frank Aazami and many more!

Cindy Stumpo Is Tough As Nails

  • Publisher: WBZ-AM
  • Total Episodes: 155

On “Tough As Nails” radio, Cindy Stumpo talks about anything that happens between a roof and a foundation. Building a house, and building a life is what our show is about. In sum, we are a lifestyle show. What separates us from other lifestyle shows is Cindy’s raw, unvarnished view of the world, keeping the show, fun, fast, and interesting. Laughing and learning makes for a broadcast that educates while entertaining. That being said, sometimes we cry and we’re ok with that.Cindy was the only woman in the room when she took and passed the General Contractor’s exam about 30 years ago. She has been building homes and shattering stereotypes ever since. C. Stumpo Development primarily builds luxury homes in Newton and Brookline, MA.  www.cstumpodevelopment.comFOLLOW Cindy on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Show Idea or want to call in to the show? Text our producer, Tricia Bradley (339) 222-6955‬ or email [email protected]“Cindy Stumpo is Tough As Nails” airs on WBZ News Radio, Boston following the 8pm News, and is available on the podcast wall immediately after the show. https://wbznewsradio.iheart.com/featured/cindy-stumpo-is-tough-as-nails/SOLD OUT SHOW: Our show is currently sold out. Contact Ross Dananberg for future opportunities. 617-787-7169 [email protected] ARMY: With a loyal social media following across multiple platforms, Cindy connects with listeners during and long after the show is over. Follow @toughasnailsradio on YouTube, @cindystumpobuilder on Instagram and @cstumpodevelopment on Facebook.

Murdered Millionairess: The Jackie Levitz Mystery

  • Publisher: Murdered Millionairess: The Jackie Levitz Mystery
  • Total Episodes: 1

Who done it? Jackie Levitz was the heiress of the Levitz Furniture fortune, after her husband passed. Inheriting millions, she moved back to the state where she was raised as a simple farm girl. Mississippi. Weeks later, in the process of decorating her new home, Jackie vanished, leaving behind a blood-soaked bed, broken false fingernails and thrown-about fur coats. In an investigative true crime serial, dig into the mystery of a woman who certainly lived a life of luxury, and likely died a horrible death. Executive Producer / Writer – Jason Lee Usry Producer – Veronica Mejia Editor – Don Anderson Voice – Trace Simpson

Everything Real Estate with Allison Cahill & Partners

  • Publisher: Allison Cahill
  • Total Episodes: 17

Welcome to our podcast, Everything Real Estate! At Allison Cahill and Partners, we specialize in Luxury Properties at Walt Danley Christie’s International Real Estate in Scottsdale, Arcadia, Paradise Valley & Carefree. My family has lived in Scottsdale for nearly 15 years. We have lived all over the country, but once we moved to Arizona there was no getting me out of the Valley. We have lived in some great cities, but Scottsdale is my favorite. My experience as a corporate attorney has given me an edge in negotiating and analyzing market trends. When the real estate market was at an all-time low, I started purchasing investment properties. Soon thereafter, friends and family began to ask me for advice on investing in real estate. I decided to begin a full-time career in real estate focusing on investment and luxury properties. I work with private clients advising them on diversifying their portfolios in real estate investments. I focus on both long-term income producing properties and short-term investment. I also work with individuals in purchasing and selling luxury properties. I am proud to be involved in the community to help many charities such as being in the Leadership Circle for Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation. In addition, I have worked on the Driving Out Domestic Violence Committee for Chrysalis, and for years I helped raise funds which assist families in finding a safe haven away from domestic violence. I have also worked with Homeward Bound, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and I am a member of the National Charity League. As a member of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, I am proud to support our community and proud to call Arizona home. My luxury real estate career has been blessed with many accolades including being a member of America’s Top 100 Real Estate Agents, and I am in the Million Dollar Guild of the National Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialists. I am also a member of the Top Agent Network made up of the top 10 percent of top producing agents in Scottsdale

Space Coast Real Estate with FlaSellsFla

  • Publisher: Flavia Barrial
  • Total Episodes: 20

Flavia Barrial is a real estate professional who uses her passion and international experience to help clients achieve their dreams when buying or selling a home. From first-time buyers to high-end luxury properties, she always seeks to exceed her client’s expectations.

Melissa Unscripted: Real Estate Tips, Tales and Truth

  • Publisher: David Wilson, Melissa Greer
  • Total Episodes: 19

Real estate can be a challenging, exhilarating and life-changing experience. Joined by host Dave Wilson, real estate expert Melissa Greer shares her best tips, most interesting stories and the unadulterated truth about what it’s like to buy and sell a home. If you’re a home buyer or seller — or a new or seasoned agent — and you want to learn more, reach your goals and have a few laughs along the way, this podcast is for you. Over the course of our first season, we’ll cover topics like staging, storytelling for historical properties, how to be a luxury realtor and what you need to know that you didn’t learn in real estate school.

Healthy Home Hacks Podcast

  • Publisher: Ron & Lisa Beres
  • Total Episodes: 35

How would you like to up-level your health, enjoy more energy, and keep your family safe from the dangerous daily toxins that are wreaking havoc on your well-being, especially during these unprecedented times? Your hosts and media darlings, Ron & Lisa Beres invite you to tune into the Healthy Home Hacks podcast where we firmly believe enjoying optimal health shouldn’t be a luxury. Building Biology Environmental Consultants, published authors, Healthy Home authorities and husband/wife team bring you the top experts in their field each week including architects, Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists, chemists, Building Biologists, physicians, mold remediators, electrical engineers, environmental MD’s and so much more! Listen in on honest conversations about everything under your roof – from toxic cleaners and wireless radiation – to water, flame retardants, mold, and more while gaining practical tips to live your best life now. If you’re ready to dive in to improve your health & increase your energy today, you’re in the right place.

Elevated Magazines-Lifestyles, Jetsetter, Yachts, Automotive, Luxury Real Estate, Home & Design, Art

  • Publisher: Elevated Magazines-Lifestyles-Yachts-Automotive-Luxury Real Estate-Home & Design-Jetsetter-Art
  • Total Episodes: 79

Elevated Magazines – Elevated Lifestyle, Elevated Men’s Lifestyle, Elevated Jetsetter, Elevated Home & Design, Elevated Luxury Real Estate, Elevated Automotive, Elevated Yachts, Elevated Art & More Podcast. ElevatedMagazines.com

The Superstar Superhost

  • Publisher: Lola – Superhhost
  • Total Episodes: 23

Hey you! Welcome to the Superstar Superhost podcast hosted by me, Lola, a Superhost! I co-own Luxe House and Home, a short term luxury rental business and I am so excited to share how I quickly became a 5 star rated Superhost with tons of rave reviews! Are you a current host looking for tips on building a luxury 5 star brand or maybe you’re just wondering how to break into the biz? This is the podcast for you. Learn from other superhosts and get a front row seat to what hosting is all about. And oh yeah, I give away free stuff! Subscribe right now! Tell everyone you know and leave me a 5 star rating! Stay tuned for Season 1 of The Superstar Superhost podcast dropping every week!

Spotlight by Lutron

  • Publisher: Lutron Electronics CO
  • Total Episodes: 2

Spotlight by Lutron invites you to sit down with our brightest industry colleagues and friends to discuss the magic of an integrated smart home experience. Join us on our exploration of how the industry is reimagining homes and luxury spaces.

Inspire Luxury Tips | Affordable Jewellery Trends

  • Publisher: Inspire Luxury
  • Total Episodes: 1

The 21st century woman has evolved and broken all barriers, both socially and economically. She is an evolution in herself, celebrated at home and otherwise. As a small contribution, we bring a few trends for her to feel celebrated and special. We hope our efforts can make every woman afford the luxury which she deserves….!!!

Best Homes of Las Vegas

  • Publisher: Nerissa Sam
  • Total Episodes: 2

Best Homes of Las Vegas digs into life beyond the glamor and excitement of the casinos, and into what it’s really like to call Vegas home. Las Vegas luxury real estate agent —Nerissa Sam— talks to movers and shakers about how Las Vegas shapes what they create, and how their work shapes our home.

Chronicles of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery

  • Publisher: Loyal Books
  • Total Episodes: 28

A collection of short stories first published in 1912, the book focuses on events occurring in the popular fictional village of Avonlea, which is notorious as the hometown of Anne Shirley. Comprised of 12 short stories, the Chronicles of Avonlea present a different view of the town, with the introduction of many new gripping characters, which prove to be just as endearing as their most renowned resident. Tales of everyday snippets of life proving to be humorous, identifiable, and heartwarming, the collection is an effective reinvigoration to the classic setting. Montgomery’s short stories are loosely related to the Anne of Green Gables series, incorporating the charming Anne as a minor role in one of the stories and briefly mentioning her in others. It also features some other familiar characters, although the plots are independent of the series and are based on the experiences on other Avonlea locals. One of the most gripping stories in the collection, which holds the power to enchant, is “Each in His Own Tongue” where Montgomery portrays the sacred nature of art and its hidden value. The tale involves a young boy who has a love and gift for the violin, but his passion is frowned upon by his grandfather who is a reverend, and frowns upon the idea of the boy becoming a musician. However, the boy’s talents are well known and appreciated by various residents, and although he is forbidden he still continues to play the violin. Much to the dismay of the minister, the captivating tune does in fact have the ability to serve a higher purpose and is even able to match the foundations of his own capacity as a church member. Nevertheless, each story portrays its own unique plot guaranteed to entertain with its colorful variety. Focusing on universal themes about mankind, the book conveys the flaws of critical behavior that is sure to leave a poignant mark later in life. In addition it deals with compassion, taking risks, and absolute dedication in order to attain one’s hopes and dreams, while serving as a reminder to not allow pride the luxury to govern one’s choices.

Vacation Rental Insiders – Make Money With VRBO And AirBnB

  • Publisher: Ryan And Lucas
  • Total Episodes: 20

Perhaps you want to make some extra money renting a room in your house on Airbnb. Or you own a vacation home that you’d like to turn into an asset earning you money when you aren’t using it. Or you are like the millions of people that have seen the ads on social media claiming to hold all of the secrets to making a six figure income by building a vacation rental business with short term rental apps. Ryan and Lucas own listings that include room shares, one bedroom apartments, townhomes, condominiums, single family homes, and luxury oceanside penthouse condominiums. They have hosted thousands of guests and want to share all their stories with you and pull back the curtain on what it really takes to be in the vacation rental business. Get ready to hear the unfiltered truth on your path to being the best host you can be!

Vancouver Real Estate Show

  • Publisher: Gary Wong is Author of The Book on Vancouver Real Estate, and a luxury real
  • Total Episodes: 147

Gary Wong is an award winning Realtor in Vancouver British Columbia. He specializes in Luxury Homes in the West Side Of Vancouver. Places like Shaughnessy, Point Grey and Vancouver West. He is also the Author of the “The Book On Vancouver Real Estate” Gary Wong has helped hundreds of clients from first time Homeowners to Sellers, real estate Investors and even other Realtors or Real Estate Agents to learn the industry and Make money with Real Estate. This is the Podcast to subscribe to if you want to learn and know about Real Estate or CashFlow and Passive Income.

The Sins and Secrets of Tabard Lake

  • Publisher: 3Girls Theatre
  • Total Episodes: 8

It’s May 2020, the year of COVID. SF Private Eye Chauncy is social distancing at home in SF when a long-term client zooms in with a tempting assignment. The set-up: Playwright Allyce Singer is hosting an invitation-only theatre workshop for her new play-in-progress at Tabard Lake, a luxury property isolated deep in the high Sierras. The catch: Each of the six guests is guilty of a long ago “sin” against Allyce. Now the playwright wants her revenge and she’s written a script that points fingers at everyone. The mission: Chauncy’s supposed to quietly get the goods on everyone, so Allyce can settle the score. Sounds like easy money for a gumshoe, with a fancy all-expenses-paid vacay out of lockdown thrown in to boot. But nothing goes according to plan. Once the company is completely cut off from civilization, all bets are off. Murder, mayhem.–and hilarity!– ensue. Deep secrets from the past leak out to haunt the present. Everyone has a tall tale to tell, and no one can be trusted. Whodunnit? This podcast is presented by 3Girls Theatre. 3GT develops, promotes, and presents new work by women playwrights in the San Francisco Bay Area. To learn more or support our work visit www.3girlstheatre.org

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