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16 Great Luxury Wedding Gifts For Couple

January 1, 2022
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This article showcases our top picks for the Luxury Wedding Gifts For Couple. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

“Delighted Joy,” Stained Glass Meditation Feather with Quartz

This product was recommended by Jodi Sharp from jodisharp

Give a truly unique wedding gift with a one-of-a-kind stained glass suncatcher. The sun catchers are focused on helping people draw beauty and good energy into their new home together. Each piece has an inset stone or crystal as well as an individual write-up and theme. All are handmade in Montreal with detailed love and care. A truly unique and perfect gift for a couple to decorate their new home.

Skyline Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pieces)

This product was recommended by Marianne Sasing from Cloudberries Ltd.

Everyone thinks of home appliances, ornaments, or showpieces for a newly married couple. What about a long-lasting entertaining gift that will give them some beautiful moments together? Foresight Sports golf simulator is exactly the same thing you can consider. Think that your gift will be the reason for a couple’s togetherness, a chance of their sweet moments, mutual understanding, and perfect utility of their leisure, won’t it be cool? Make them feel blessed!

Sterling Silver Baby Bottle

This product was recommended by San Desu from Royal Touch London

It was designed in-house by my small team and I (www.royaltouchlondon), and we believe it to be the first multifunctional sterling silver baby bottle on the market. Sterling silver is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial, so the bottle doesn’t need to be sterilised between uses, and the teats and screwthread are both BPA and BPS-free.

Atrium Acrylic Blocks

This product was recommended by Mandy Schendel from MyPhoto

The perfect customizable luxury gift for a couple. MyPhoto was created to give the easiest and fastest way to bring moments to life by creating a personalized, one-of-a-kind gift. Your photos, from your phone to your home within 5 days and, ordered in less than 5 minutes. The Atrium Acrylic Blocks include the unique photos HD printed on 1” ultra-thick acrylic to give a gallery-quality look and feel. Light appears to radiate through the image adding a whole new dimension.

Artisanal Handcrafted Brass Mortar & Pestle

This product was recommended by Mayank Gupta from Roots Spice

Our classic artisanal Brass ‘Mortar and Pestle’ is handmade and an essential kitchen tool available exclusively with us and brings back family heirloom traditions, a kitchen tool that will last for generations. It is made of the finest quality material and weighs more than 48 ounces (3lbs.). Our pestle and mortar come handy for crushing fresh spices while making a nice cup of masala chai, making specialty cocktails for friends and family or even grinding fresh herbs for your meal. This mortar and pestle can be customised with a Monogram/Personal engraved message (50 characters) offered complimentary by us on all orders.

Artisanal Handcrafted Brass Spice Box

This product was recommended by Mayank Gupta from Roots Spice

Our ‘Spice Box’ is hand spun and made of finest brass material, weighs more than 2lbs, to ensure that it will last for generations and become a part of your family heirloom tradition, available exclusively on our website. It comes pre-filled with 7 different containers that can be filled with your choicest spices and herbs with a small brass spoon. Our Spice box is an ideal holiday gift for this festive season. Not only it has great utility but also it is stylish and classic at the same time. The Spice Box can be customised with a Monogram/Personal engraved message (100 characters) offered complimentary by us on all orders.

( r e ) ˣ Adult Hanger

This product was recommended by Jennifer Frigolette from Sustainable PR

This product will instantly make any couple’s closets more sustainable! When founder of (re) x Paulina Quintana realized that over 8 billion plastic hangers are discarded every year, she engineered a solution by designing a 100% recycled hanger made from recovered ocean plastics. Gift-givers and recipients interested in sustainability will appreciate this product as a conversation-starter. A QR code on the company’s packaging allows the consumer to see the “DNA” of the product by color, which reflects the different composition of plastic waste used to make them. It comes in 9 different colors, everyone uses them, and it saves the ocean, so you can feel good about your purchase to help the environment- what more could you want in a gift? The new couple can start their life together with an organized and sustainable closet. Not only are the hangers good for the environment, but they are also more functional and effective, engineered to last longer than conventional plastic hangers. If one were to break, customers can send it back, to be reground and replaced.

iRobot Roomba E5 WiFi-Enabled Robotic Vacuum

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

This iRobot cleaner is a hit among couples. It’s one of the most popular wedding gifts. This is because its clever sensors completely automate cleaning. The vacuum glides effortlessly over the carpet, tile, and hardwood floors, sucking up dirt, dust, and the vacuum’s speciality: pet hair and dander. It even offers additional cleans during pollen or shedding season with the aid of an app. Whether the newlyweds have allergies or a particularly fluffy pet, this traditional wedding present might improve their lives. Friends, you are cordially invited to the future.

Devil and Angel Neon Sign

This product was recommended by Vincent Song from YEO Neon

This heart shaped angel and devil neon sign is a perfect wedding gift. It creates a new vibe for home. The couple will love the bedroom lit up in the purple and pink colour of this quirky neon sign.

2018 Sparkling Red Wine

This product was recommended by Rob Windsor from Colemere Wine

Colemere, is a Shropshire based vineyard dedicated to the art of slow living and producing amazing wines. Some of their most unique products are their English sparkling wines, specifically their Sparkling Red Wine. Ideal gift for newlyweds looking to open their first bottle as a married couple, this refreshingly different red is made exclusively from a blend of Regent and Rondo grapes, all hand-picked from Colemere’s very own private vineyards in Shropshire. Very dark and intense, it offers an opulent fizz on the palate. Unusual and very moreish!

The Essential Spices Collection

This product was recommended by Michelle Devani from lovedevani

A spice set can be a wonderful gift for a newlywed couple, as it can enhance the flavor of their meals. The married couple can spice up their meals and relationship with these 24 important spices.

Treviso Leather Valet Box And Ten Watch Display Case

This product was recommended by Michelle Devani from lovedevani

This leather valet box is an ideal luxury present for a couple to store their little valuables such as jewelry, watches, and accessories. A high-quality leather box with a stylish appearance.

Oakhill Personalized Twist Whiskey Decanter Set

This product was recommended by Michelle Devani from lovedevani

A whiskey decanter set with high-quality glassware is an ideal present for a couple who enjoys drinking. You can personalize it by adding initials or engraving to the glassware.

Women pineapple matching couple swimsuits

This product was recommended by Eliska from BeMine

Lake or sea ? Make their honeymoon unforgettable in our matching swimsuits.They are made from recycled polyester so you can splurge your bride and groom with no regrets for the planet! Juicy designs and perfect cuts will let them enjoy their honeymoon to the max.

The Olive Boat & Pit Port by Corico White

This product was recommended by Claire from Clarinette, LLC

The Olive Boat & Pit Port, a two-piece porcelain ensemble that elegantly serves olives while hiding the unsightly pits. The pit port is separate and bottomless for easy clean up and it is all microwave/dishwasher safe. This functional piece of artwork makes a clever wedding gift for foodies or anyone who enjoys entertaining and making a good impression.

The Layer Waterproof Blanket

This product was recommended by Claire from Clarinette, LLC

The Layer – a thin, soft, absorbent, waterproof, and noiseless intimacy blanket that protects beds, furniture, carpeting, the car, vans, sleeping bags, etc. from all imaginable sexy messes. It’s a chic solution to a common problem and makes a fabulous honeymoon gift! The Layer is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, machine wash/dry safe, and durable (tested to 300+ washings). The Layer is a woman-owned small business and completely sourced and manufactured in the USA.

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