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13 Eco Friendly Skincare Brands Worth Your Attention

April 1, 2020
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Have you ever wondered how much packaging and non-biodegradable exist in all your skin care products? Have you ever wondered how many bottles and jars of creams you go through every year?

We did, and it was a little scary. To limit our contribution to landfills and ocean damage, we decided to make this list. Every product on this list is healthy for the planet as it is healthy for your skin.


This product was recommended by Juliet Payne from EarthHero

Our planet is changing – and it’s time for the way we shop to change, too. At EarthHero our mission is to make sustainable shopping easy, accessible, & cost-effective for everyone. We offer thousands of eco-friendly products carefully curated from 150+ truly sustainable brands (no greenwashing!) to help our customers live, and shop, in a way that’s aligned with their values. We’re also a Certified B Corp, member of 1% for the Planet, and do carbon neutral (and plastic free shipping) though Carbonfund. Our goal is to become an “eco-friendly Amazon” that our community can turn to to find a sustainable alternative for the products in their lives.

Elina Organics Skincare

This product was recommended by Jessica McCafferty Brennan from Janice McCafferty PR

Here at Elina Organics, our products are lovingly created with the finest and most pure natural ingredients. We formulate each product to safely and naturally deliver its essential nutrients and healing properties. Our goal is to provide the safest, most natural, and most effective skin care to our clients. This goal involved careful combination of only essential ingredients. As a result, our skincare is 100% Transdermal, Organic, Fresh, Hand-made, and Cruelty Free.

Our products are also not jeopardized by mass-manufacture, which requires chemical additions for enormous production runs. They are instead custom formulated at Elina Organics, where rigorous quality checks and inspections ensure that what nature created remains pure and safe.


This product was recommended by Christina Summers from Michele Marie PR

The premiere Danish clean beauty brand, started in the kitchen.. Ecooking is for everyone – regardless of skin type, gender or age. We have products for every skin type or challenge – fine lines, wrinkles, acne or redness. All ingredients are 100% organic and all natural, vegan, and dermatologist tested for proven result that covers all skins needs!

Mizz Bloom Organics

This product was recommended by Alaina Kirkpatrick from Mizz Bloom Organics

Mizz Bloom Organics takes pride in creating the highest quality, USDA certified organic, vegan and cruelty free skincare products made from all-natural ingredients. Their fun and fruity products include Nourish Organic Face Oil in Exotic Mandarin, Organic Body Scrub in Citrus, and Body Butter in White Chocolate.


This product was recommended by Michelle Godbout from M. BARCLAY

M.Barclay just recently launched our beauty+wellness brand for pets and just won best new product for wellness at NY NOW. I’m sure that you are looking for more human centric products, however, I thought why not add one for pets too. Their products are 98% plant derived and produced via 100% wind power. M. Barclay’s skincare+grooming collection is formulated to offer an indulgent experience for both canine and feline companions. Made with natural, organic and biodegradable ingredients.


This product was recommended by Ronni Wilson from Demosea

Demosea is a skincare brand rooted in nature and science. Using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, and glass packaging, Demosea is committed to making products that are not only good for the body, but also for the planet.

Luna Volta

This product was recommended by Kayla Clements from Luna Volta

Luna Volta is a plant-based wellness brand committed to honoring our planet. The PLANETS, their luxurious microgravity CBD bath bombs mix organic skin-loving moisturizers, plant-derived essential oils, and full spectrum hemp extract leaving your skin silky smooth. Organic ingredients. Handcrafted. Packaged in biodegradable and compostable materials.

Tata Harper

This product was recommended by Jhánneu Roberts from The Low Waste Home

Tata Harper made waves with their conscious-cleaning skincare line that are both effective *and* good to the earth. Skincare has never been this good, thanks to their recycled glass packaging, us of soy ink labels, and naturally-derived ingredients.

Fat and the Moon

This product was recommended by Jhánneu Roberts from The Low Waste Home

A quirky name with a huge following on Etsy, Fat and the Moon delivers a good dose of personality to how they describe their products. Seriously though, they’re as ethically sourced as possible, with vegan options that can do a crossover from body to skincare for a more minimalist approach to your skincare routine.

Green Bee Botanicals

This product was recommended by Lilli Keinaenen from Changemaker Creative

We’re plant-based, vegan, organic and locally sourced ingredients where possible – no petrochemicals or plastics in the formula. Our product is infused with cannabis, which is a carbon sink plant (cannabis plant sequesters carbon, so growing it helps counteract climate change). Our packaging is recyclable, and we’re working on implementing a takeback program. We donate part of the proceeds to causes helping our shared planet, including the bees and the oceans.

Where many other cannabis companies take the easy way out and pack their products in multiple layers of unrecyclable plastic and mylar and vinyl, we’ve opted to use much more expensive materials in our products and swag, using glass, cardboard, and organic cotton, and hemp paper. On our sample sizes, we are using compostable (not just biodegradable!) pouches, and a compostable label and label glue and inks. Our next product batch, we’re looking into fully compostable cosmetic jars from a company called Sulapac.


This product was recommended by Liz Brown from Sleeping Lucid

Osea prides itself with its products made only from natural plant-derived ingredients such as organically-grown and sustainable seaweed which is not only good for your skin but the earth as well.

Maple Holistics

This product was recommended by Nate Masterson from Maple Holistics

As our brand name suggests, we at Maple Holistics are dedicated to holistic, earth-friendly health and wellness. We know that consumers are interested in high-quality, sustainable health and beauty products that they can feel good about using. Our products are paraben-, silicone-, sulfate-, and cruelty-free, and made with sustainability in mind. We hope to help consumers experience that sustainable living doesn’t need to be difficult, and it can start with just a simple change of your beauty products.

DEHAZ Apothecary Skincare

This product was recommended by Nora Kornheisl from DEHAZ Apothecary Skincare

All DEHAZ products are handcrafted with an abundance of love, creating a positive impact on plant life and world ecology. DEHAZ uses only raw, unrefined, sustainable, and all-natural ingredients to make the most pure, active and potent products. You will see a change in your skin from the very first use, in the most safe and healthy way. No harmful chemical ingredients, no synthetic colors or fragrances, no parabens, no petroleum byproducts or mineral oils and no phthalates are used, all of which are linked to toxicity and ecological harm. The products are packaged in generous portions, offering not only excellent value for your investment, but also ensures that less packaging goes to waste.

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