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12 Cutest Organic & Sustainable Baby Brands

March 19, 2020
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Baby products have changed little over the years. Our planet, unfortunately, has. Luckily, new movements within the baby product industry have started to develop and offer products that look after the planet as well as our little ones.

The good news for your baby is that these products are organic and naturally healthy. So be part of the first wave of eco-friendly parenting and feel extra good when buying from these baby brands!

Beau and Belle Littles!

This product was recommended by Rachelle Baron from Beau and Belle Littles

The urge to “go green” continues to grow in momentum as the degrading state of the environment continues to hit the headlines. What better way to invest in the future of the Earth, leaving it a better place for our children, than by focusing on products that are both good for babies as well as the environment? Beau and Belle Littles is an adorable and useful product that parents can feel good about using for their kids.

Their line of reusable swim diapers has been awarded the Eco Excellence Award for the best baby products in the diapers category, #1 Swim Diaper on and Amazon’s Choice! All of Beau and Belle Littles products come with a one year warranty. The reusable and adjustable swim diapers come in two sizes – the regular size fits babies from 6 months to two years old!

The larger option is perfect for growth chart overachievers, late potty trainers, or children with special needs. It fits most children up to age five! That means you won’t be spending your summer fun money on disposable swim diapers – you can reuse these sustainable diapers for years! There are a dozen cute and colorful prints to choose from with two that have matching rash guards. Get ready for warmer weather, pool days, beach visits with this adorable swim wear for babies and toddlers!

The Honest Company

This product was recommended by Jamie Bacharach from Jerusalem Acupuncture

Founded by Jessica Alba, The Honest Company is a leader in the personal care industry in eco friendliness. Backed by formulas which boast gentle, natural ingredients, The Honest Company sources sustainably and prides itself on eco friendly practices which keep the environment as safe as the babies who use Honest products.

From diapers, to personal care, wipes, baby shampoo, and more, Honest produces eco friendly products across the entire spectrum of care for your baby. So no matter what you need for healthy and eco friendly baby care, Honest has you covered.

Dr. Browns – Feeding Bottle

This product was recommended by Joseph Garcia from TheHempire

With these bottles, all nutrients will be preserved. Manufacturers made the bottles from polypropylene that is BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalate-free. I can tell for sure that many parents like me that I talked to about bottle feeding and bottle recommendations, were very united about Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle.

Beya Made

This product was recommended by Laurel Thompson from Beya Made

Beya Made outfits are expandable, fitting the child at least 3x longer than other brands (reducing textile waste and pollution.) We focus on design, in addition to supply chain, to create a truly sustainable solution to the problem of children outgrowing their clothing much too quickly.


This product was recommended by Samantha Radach from Opportunity PR

The bӧkee is the first and only bottle prep accessory that allows you to make a bottle or sippy cup with just one hand! Made from food-grade silicone, it can be used thousands of times as your child grows and is dishwasher-safe. Even the packaging is made from cardboard and is recyclable. No plastic here!

Sat Nam babe

This product was recommended by Jennifer Coulombe from Sat Nam babe

I am the founder of Sat Nam babe ( – mindfully made yoga inspired clothing for kids up to age 6 including babies. I created this company post-business school after learning about the many injustices in the fashion industry – from human rights issues to low pay of factory workers to the harsh textiles and dyes being used on our clothing.

I felt I could do better, especially for our littlest citizens and created Sat Nam babe to bring more love and light to the fashion industry. I hand pick who I work with to bring the little clothes to life and ensure that the textiles used are organic cotton, recycled materials, etc.

Viking Toys

This product was recommended by Liza Grando from The Moss Tucker Group

Each item is made from sugar cane, a recyclable and fossil-free raw materials. The sugarcane used to make Ecoline toys grows on a controlled land in Brazil 2500 km from the Amazon. The sugar cane absorbs CO2 from the air and minimizes the greenhouse effect. Also for every Ecoline truck purchased, Viking plants a tree. It’s a beautiful line with appealing colors and classic play patterns. All the items are also dishwasher safe.

Bambo Nature

This product was recommended by Torben Lonne from DIVEIN

One of my favorite brands for babies is Bambo Nature, who specialize in making eco-friendly bamboo diapers. Their entire manufacturing process is sustainable, from start to finish. Bambo Nature’s diapers are also free of chemicals, fragrances, and skin irritants. They are soft and absorbent and can be worn comfortably by babies during the day or at night.

Diapers made from bamboo are more breathable due to its natural moisture-wicking properties, which helps keep your baby dry and comfortable. Aside from being eco-friendly and comfortable for your baby, they are fairly priced for the quality of their product. In fact, Bambo Nature has been awarded Danish Asthma/Allergy certification and the diapers are dermatologically-tested and FSC-certified.


This product was recommended by Stacie May from Lucky Watcher

Caboo isn’t only great for your baby but it’s also great for your entire household. They make paper products from bamboo and sugarcane instead of trees. This includes paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, and of course, baby wipes. You go through a lot of wipes from the day your baby is born until they learn how to blow their own nose and adequately wash their hands. Instead of harming the trees, use Caboo wipes. They are strong and soft at the same time. Protecting the ecosystem and your child’s tush at the same time!

Finn+ Emma

This product was recommended by Liz Brown from Sleeping Lucid

Funn + Emma’s clothes are all made out of 100% organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes. So you can rest assured that the stylish clothes your kids are wearing are safe and definitely eco-friendly.

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