Vancouver’s Event Promotion Pioneers: Spotlight on Levi Keswick Legacy

February 7, 2024
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Among the bustling coastal city of Vancouver, British Columbia, vibrant industries are flourishing. Amidst these bustling sectors, one industry stands unique, playing a pivotal role in propelling Vancouver towards global recognition – the Event Promotions industry. Managing and executing memorable events requires expertise, creativity, and an exceptional flair for meticulous planning. Let’s delve into an exploration of some of the most innovative companies in this field, whose headquarters are thoughtfully seated in Vancouver.

This series of articles invites readers to discover companies reaching new heights through their contributions to the events industry. From event management and ticketing software to ingenious online portals, these companies are transforming how events are conceptualized, marketed, and experienced. With each company founded on a unique vision, they all share the quintessential love for creating unforgettable experiences.

From formidable giants to thriving start-ups, this definitive series features various companies setting new paradigms in the Event Promotions industry. Here is a showcase of some of the companies, big and small, pushing the boundaries in their unique ways.

Timely Network

Setting a benchmark in the dynamic sphere of Event Management, Timely Network flaunts an impressive repertoire of sophisticated Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Founded by Bradley Roulston and Rik Logtenberg, this North Vancouver-based company extends consultation and implementation services to an extensive clientele that spans the globe. Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn .


Leveraging the potential of internet portals and IoT, BuzzIt simplifies the process of event promotion with their strategic insights and innovative technologies. Based in Vancouver, this young and vibrant company brings a fresh perspective to event promotion while maintaining a strong digital presence. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Ecstatic Apps

At the intersection of technology and creativity, Ecstatic Apps redefine event promotion with bespoke software solutions. The brainchild of Logan Rose and Martin Adams, this company is known for their avant-garde applications and professional services. LinkedIn.

UB Marketing

UB Marketing emphasizes the power of persuasive advertising to elevate event promotion campaigns. With their roots in Vancouver, they offer a multitude of marketing solutions tailor-made for unique business needs.Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.


The specialists at MyZone understand the importance of event promotion in driving people towards unique experiences. By providing managerial consulting and ticketing solutions, they wield a knack for steering their clients’ businesses towards amplified growth.Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.


Propelling events into the spotlight, Smartlink, steered by founder Anthony Santelices, displays an exquisite grasp on event promotion. Smartlink has steadily ascended the industry hierarchy, thanks to their result-oriented strategies and impeccable client service. Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn .


Setting new standards in event promotions is Vancouver’s own Promosa. Combining expert event management with strategic promotions, this company demonstrates a seasoned tact for producing some of the finest public experiences. Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn .


Tactup celebrates the potential of digital platforms in furthering event promotion. The team’s expertise in app development, combined with a deep understanding of the event landscape, allows them to offer comprehensive services to their clients.Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

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