Event Management Excellence: Surry Hills’ Leading Firms Redefine Luxury Gatherings

February 7, 2024
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The thriving Event Management industry has embraced Surry Hills, New South Wales in Australia as a bustling hub for some of the top companies in the space. From catering to creative agencies and to hospitality services, these companies present a rich tapestry of diversity within this thriving industry. These are companies nourished by the vibrant culture and thriving market which Surry Hills provides, extending their influence within Australia, and in some cases, worldwide.


Founded in Surry Hills, eCater is a multidimensional company that serves the Catering, Event Management, Food and Beverage, Information Technology, and Snack Food industries. eCater offers caterers and event planners a simple online platform from which they can order a variety of services – from healthy snacks and pantry supplies to alcohol delivery in various Australian cities including Sydney and Brisbane, and many more. eCater’s commitment to versatility and convenience has carved a niche for itself within the industry. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Cheeky Food Events

Famed for its corporate team-building cooking events, Cheeky Food Events, another Surry Hills-based company, occupies a unique space within the Event Management industry. Leona Watson cofounded Cheeky Food Events and has set the company apart by offering fun, interactive experiences for teams from 7 to 700 individuals. Offering a wide selection of services ranging from Client Entertaining, Product Launches to Cooking Demonstrations, Cheeky Food Events has stayed at the forefront of the industry. Stay updated about Cheeky Food Events on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The Clifford Wallace Agency

The Clifford Wallace Agency, founded in Surry Hills, specializes in event hospitality and management. They have a particular focus in providing high-quality staffing for events. Join their energetic community on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Semi Permanent

Semi Permanent is another Surry Hills-based company that has made a substantial impact in the fields of Advertising, Content, Creative Agency, and Event Management. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with their latest projects.


Operating within the spheres of Advertising, Event Management, Trade Shows, and Virtual Reality, Designteam is yet another company that showcases the versatility of the event management industry in Surry Hills. Join the conversation with Designteam on Facebook and LinkedIn.

we feed

Catering, E-Commerce, and Event Management converge at we feed, a marketplace for hospitality that improves office life through delicious meals. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for a taste of their offerings.

Axis Events Group

The Axis Events Group has been at the forefront of the Event Management industry since 1987, building a reputation for creating imaginative and innovative events, and delivering exceptional return-on-investment. Stay connected with Axis Events Group on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Black & White Waiters

Black & White Waiters has set itself apart within the Event Management and Hospitality industries with its dedication to quality service combined with a flair for elegance and sophistication. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay tuned to their latest offerings.

Forum Group Events & Marketing

Forum Group Events & Marketing is another distinct player in the Surry Hills landscape, providing event planning, corporate events management, incentives, and other services. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more information.

Australian Event Awards and Symposium

The Australian Event Awards and Symposium, based in Surry Hills, specializes in organizing and managing prestigious events, contributing to the vibrant nightlife in Australia. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for updates on their masterfully crafted events.

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